Glass Miniatures

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Beautiful Small Glass Miniatures from leading studio glass artists right across the globe. These miniature art glass pieces are often small glass replicas of bigger studio piece series, and often come in delightful presentation boxes.

They make great presents or corporate gifts and will be treasured long after they have been given or presented to their new owner. Who wouldn’t love a beautiful, petite piece of glass artistry to adorn their home with.

Where these miniature glass pieces belong is out on display where they can be admired by all your visitors, and they make a fine collection.
Even miniature art glass makes a good art investment so be sure to keep the boxes safe and handle with care. Jewellery and abrasive cloths can instantly tarnish beautiful glass miniatures, so take off all your jewellery before handling or use the tips of your fingers and hold on tight!

As miniature art glass takes up so little space, a well-lit display case is a great place to show off your dazzling collection of glass miniatures.
Miniature glass is a beautiful thing in its own right and is often harder to make than the bigger pieces, so remember the intricate, patient work for the glass artist every time you look at these delightful objet d’Art Glass.