Nicholas Ashton – Canto


Abstract Painting

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L: 51cm x H: 41cm

A formidable abstract painting for sale by London artist Nicholas Ashton, entitled ‘Canto’.

This poetic piece of abstract art explores the marriage of form and colour, using both striking contrasts and symbiotic colour matching.

Artist Bio

Nicholas Ashton Studied Fine Art at Sunderland Art College and later sculpture at St. Martin’s School of Art. His current paintings are about the way colour and form work together to provide an abstract image. The work can be read as a dialogue between the painter and the canvas and the result can be seen as the physical record of a process of the response of the artist to each subsequent mark, slash, drip or stroke of the brush. Nicholas Ashton lives and works in South East London and has works in numerous private collections.

UnFramed  16 x 20 inches

Acrylic on Canvas

Condition: New

Dimensions 51 × 41 cm


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