Floral Ceramic Lamp ‘Kingsborough Gardens’ by Emma Bossons FRSA



Serene floral lamps


Round : W31 x L31 x H-41 cm – £520
Large : W41 x L41 x H 52 cm – £610
Medium : W31 c L31 x H45 cm – £500

Floral Ceramic Lamp ‘Kingsborough Gardens’ by Emma Bossons FRSA

‘Kingsborough Gardens’ floral ceramic lamp by Emma Bossons FRSA are available in three different shapes.These curvaceous lamps will blend perfectly with almost all types and colours of décor.The cream base for this design is the perfect backdrop for the red and pink flowers that glide seamlessly around the shoulder of the lamp.

Bring tranquillity and elegance into your home when you choose a floral ceramic lamp by Emma Bossons. Make sure you display your floral ceramic lamp in full view so they can be admired by all who visit!

Floral Ceramic Lamp Artist

Emma Bossons started her career as a ceramic artist at the tender age of twenty. Very popular with Moorcroft from the outset, her Hepatica range from 2000 took the world by storm. Following the roaring success of Hepatica, her ‘Queen’s Choice’ range followed in 2001. This range was as popular as its precursor and continues to be so today. Her Golden Jubilee design from 2002 was of such high quality that the Queen gave her consent for the Royal Cypher to be used on the base of each individual piece within the collection. One piece from the range was also formally taken into the Royal Collection.

This string of phenomenal collections in a close sequence meant that Emma shot to fame as a designer at a very young age. She was to become the youngest ever member of the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts. She was chosen alongside Josiah Wedgwood and Henry Doulton by the Royal Mail when a series of first-day covers were produced to acknowledge ceramicists from the Stoke on Trent Area. An inspiration for Emmas’ work has been gathered as she travelled across the globe. From Australia to New Zealand, Canada, Fiji, and the US, Emma has become recognised as a truly International ceramics designer. Choose handcrafted ceramic lamps by Emma to lighten up your home with the sounds and smells of nature.


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