Art Glass Bowls by Adam Jablonski


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Jablonski Glass Crystal Bowl

L: 41cm x D: 33cm x H: 15cm
8 kg

Art Glass Bowls by Adam Jablonski

Our collection of Art Glass Bowls by Adam Jablonski are the last of their kind and also VERY RARE! Jablonski was scrupulous about signing all his work, but these 8 kg bowls were left unsigned in his studio and the doors were closed forever.

Made from huge amounts of solid Polish Lead Crystal, these weighty art pieces are only available in the UK, or for collection by international client’s courier.

The last of a long and wonderful era in the Polish Crystal Glass making tradition when Adam Jablonski was at the top of his game and Polish Art Glass was gracing the collections of dignitaries and oligarchs across the globe.

The Art Glass Bowls in our Jablonski range is the very last new glass bowls available anywhere in the world.

Since Jablonski has now retired and Boha Glass has bought the last of his glass studio items, we cannot replace our Jablonski stock. The last few pieces available can be found in our shop and the price of Jablonski Glass bowls and other items has skyrocketed.

Whether you are looking for an expensive corporate gift, wedding gift, present, or an interior decor feature piece then you are in the right place.

Not only are these dazzling crystal bowls an exceptionally elegant addition to any collection or home but they are a solid art glass investment and will continue to rise in value.

The quality of these crystal glass bowls is amazing and these original studio photos do not do them justice.

With adorable curves and a superb glister, the last thing you’ll want to do is put fruit anywhere near these wonderfully designed glass bowls.

Why not buy a beautiful glass vase to go with your art glass bowl.

Art Glass Bowls Artist

Adam Jablonski has won a dozen gold awards during his long and illustrious career and the Polish President used to give his glass pieces to visiting Kings and Presidents.

His work is still in collections of the super-rich and dignitaries across the world and his glasswork has also been exhibited at the Corning Glass Museum, the most famous glass museum in America.

Jablonski is also an accomplished glass technician and holds many patents to his name.


Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 41 × 33 × 15 cm


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