Interior Design Lighting ‘Pre-Dawn Light’ by Ayako Tani


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Interior Design Lighting ‘Pre-Dawn Light’ by Ayako Tani

If you’re looking for some seriously impressive interior design lighting then look no further than ‘Pre-Dawn Light’ by Ayako Tani.

This incredible interior design lighting unit is made of a special type of glass which can withstand extreme temperatures, which allows Ayako to manipulate the molten glass into the most amazing shapes. The beautiful drops cast a glorious glow, like the sun coming up at that magical moment just before dawn.

An absolute must for interior designers or indeed anyone who appreciates unique glass art!

Interior Design Lighting Artist

Dr Ayako Tani is a highly accomplished and internationally renowned glass artist. Her glass art journey began in  Japan, where she studied a BA in arts and undertook courses in bead-making, glass blowing and kiln casting. Dr Tani continued to the University of Sunderland, where her passion for her work further blossomed. She continued to develop her academic interests and successfully completed an MA and PhD in Glass Art and Ceramics.

Dr Ayako Tani has produced a significant range of stunning glass artworks. In addition to her stunning artworks, she has also published a number of publications on glass art. Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of the art form really show in her beautiful and delicate pieces, leading to numerous awards and recognition.

Dr Tani specialises in lampworking glass. All her pieces are made from borosilicate glass, this type of glass is able to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking. This is because it contains boron trioxide, a ‘magic’ ingredient that completely alters how glass behaves. Using molten glass as ink, her work often captures her memory and body movement in glass. Particularly, she introduced the philosophy of calligraphy to glass art, developing ‘calligraphic lampworking’, which embraces the amorphous character of glass. She regularly exhibits and lectures at the international level, and her work has been collected by prestigious museums in the UK, Germany and China.



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