Glass Crystal Sculpture ‘Kronos’ by A. Jablonski


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Curvaceous Art Glass

L: 25cm x D: 8cm x H: 50cm
4 kg

Glass Crystal Sculpture ‘Kronos’ by A. Jablonski

The Kronos glass crystal sculpture is a regal, Titanic ‘tour de force’ in glass crystal that is absolutely magical at capturing and reflecting light from any angle.

Set in the very best Polish Lead Crystal, the beautifully reflective top is clear crystal with the undulations embellished with a light swirl of occasional green.

The pure Lead Crystal glides down to a striking, coffee brown base. The whole piece is half a metre tall so it needs somewhere large to view it properly. It will also benefit from the side, or backlighting to bring out the reflective qualities of the Lead Crystal.

The glass crystal sculpture is a one-off piece and part of our last collection of NEW Jablonski. Once these items have sold there will be no more NEW Jablonski available on the open market.

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Glass Crystal Sculpture Artist

Poland as a country has been interested in the skill of creating art glass throughout history.

Adam Jablonski Master Polish glassmaker has done a lot to improve the status of glassmaking worldwide. His exquisite work has been the result of a lifetime spent refining the skills necessary to create the most amazing and impactful pieces of art glass. He began producing glass when he was only 16 years old and later built his own furnace to give him the utilities needed to perfect the craft.

His life has served as a testament to the amount of passion and artistic worth which can be conveyed through brilliant glass pieces such as this glass crystal sculpture. His art has been recognised by heads of state, royalty, and presidents; his glass is also available for viewing in some of the greatest fine art museums for glass in the world.

Jablonski has retired and his works are slowly being bought up, get your hands on one if you want a little piece of his passion.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 8 × 50 cm


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