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Glass Teardrop Ornament ‘Drop Trail’ By Hayley Gammon


Intertwining Colourful Trails


Product Description

Glass Teardrop Ornament ‘Drop Trail’

A beautiful transparent and opaque half overlay, a stunning piece of handblown glass art.
Handmade with intertwining clear and brightly coloured trails on the outer proportions of the glass.
This glass teardrop ornament was developed during a residency at the University of Wolverhampton.
For anyone that enjoys high quality glass ornaments, or to buy for someone as a special gift.

This glass teardrop ornament is available in a range of sizes and colours to suit any backdrop.
The striking colours available are Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and purple.
Sizes to choose from are-

Large (in cms) L15 W15 H44, weight 1.5kg
Small (in cms) L10 W10 H24, weight 0.5kg
Medium (in cms) L14 W14 H31, weight 1kg

Glass Teardrop Ornament Artist

Hayley Gammon is an experienced glassblower who works across the different environments, including teaching.
Working up from volunteer assistance to full time freelance glassblower after studying Three-Dimensional Design Specialising in Glass at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Now Hayley’s fantastic and bright work has won her a Finalist award for the Craft and Design Awards 2016.
Fresh and innovative is the artists style, using a mixture of both modern and traditional.
Hayley incorporates handmade glass blowing techniques with colourful designs.
Hot and cold glass techniques is used to give a wider range of designs.
Hayley explores the qualities of glass and expresses this with use of bold colours. She also uses cutting and polishing processes to accentuate these aspects further.
A recurring theme of contrast can be seen through all the pieces, focusing on transparent and opaque glass.
Work by Hayley covers both decorative artistic pieces, such as her bright drops, to practical paper weights and bowls.
The artists work is established in galleries and exhibitions.
Hayley feels privileged to work in this industry and would not see herself doing anything else.

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Large, Medium, Small


Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Purple, Yellow


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