Green Paperweight ‘Egg’ by Adam Jablonski Glass Studio


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Eggsellent choice

L: 7cm x D: 7cm x H: 13cm
1 kg

Green Paperweight ‘Egg’ by Adam Jablonski Glass Studio

The Egg Green Paperweight is handmade out of Polish Lead Crystal and has a supremely fine reflective nature because of it.

Whether in a conservatory or office window it will add some eggstra eye-catching interest (apologies).

Don’t just keep this great Green Paperweight locked a away in a collector’s glass cabinet; have it out on display for everyone to enjoy. It will still rise in value as the Jablonski Studio is now closed but his work is becoming more and more sought after.

Boha Glass have tried to get hold of more Jablonski Art Glass by contacting the glass dealers in Europe, but to no avail. So, once our final stock is gone, Jablonski will be mostly a second hand art glass market. Some dealers may still be holding on to stock but this will be sold in a few years for very high prices.

Green Paperweight Artist

Whether it’s a stunning glass ornament or delightful glass vases, this is one glass artist who excelled at everything he touched.

Adam Jablonski was born in Wilczkowice, Poland in 1936. Beginning a near 60 year career in 1952 that would last until 2010, he became a highly regarded glass artist and certified glass technologist, known for his ground breaking and inventive techniques. He is well known for his evolving methods and through his time he invented and patented dozens of new methods of glass-art engineering. One patented method in particular is his fusion of glass and threads of metal wire. He has won prestigious awards around the world, has received 12 gold stars from the presidents of Poland and has even had his compositions features in the famous American Museum of Glass in Corning, which have in turn purchased a large collection of Jablonski’s works.

There are plenty more piece like this Green Paperweight in our Jablonski section

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 13 cm


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