Teardrop Ornament ‘Verne’ by Jablonski


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Sheer Glass Elegance

L: 10cm x D: 5cm x H: 22cm
1.2 kg

Teardrop Ornament ‘Verne’ by Jablonski

Teardrop Ornament ‘Verne’ by Jablonski is the only one in stock. It is twice as tall as the more rounder ornaments that we have in stock.

With slim slender good looks, this teardrop ornament is supremely attractive.

Its blue and red centre is surrounded by solid Lead crystal; giving it a brilliance and superb light reflecting qualities.

The perfect place for this item would be with a white backdrop or on a sunny window sill where the Pure Polish Lead crystal can do its thing and reflect loads of light back into the room.

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Teardrop Ornament Artist

If you love glass, you will surely have heard about Polish born Adam Jablonski, his masterpieces being displayed around the globe. Awarded 12 gold stars by the Polish presidents, Jablonski is a humble native of Poland who sees his biggest achievement as being the first ever Eastern block artist to have work displayed at the world famous Corning museum in America.

Born in 1936, Jablonski built his own furnace and enjoyed 48 years as a glass blower before retiring in 2010. His career spanned almost half a century and has seen meetings with famous royals and presidents as well as many patents of his works. His most notable patent was as the first ever artist to combine glass with metal threads, creating a piece of art that glowed and shimmered more than any glass had before.

His collections are on display around the globe, and you will find teardrop ornaments in any colour you can possibly think of and more. Now is the time to buy as the Jablonski art glass studio run by Jablonski is now closed and the furnaces have gone cold for the very last time.


Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 22 cm


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