Glass Teardrop Bird of Paradise
Glass Teardrop 'Bird of Paradise'

Glass Teardrop ‘Bird of Paradise’

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BIRD OF Paradise

Dimensions (L x W x H): 10 x 4 x 14 cm

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Glass Teardrop ‘Bird of Paradise’

The Glass Teardrop ‘Bird of Paradise’ is a dainty petite glass teardrop ornament made with dazzling Polish Glass Crystal which has the most superb reflective qualities we have ever come across.

Bathed in light, either radiant sunlight or under the indoor lights at home, this piece will really deliver the goods.

The glass teardrop is beautifully round and has a slim back and from which give it a delightful robust little figure. Very pretty indeed.

Glass Teardrop Artist

There are pioneers in every industry in the world, and art is no different. Adam Jablonski should very much be considered a pioneer in the glass art medium, as it was his revolutionary use of new techniques that took the beauty of glass to all new levels. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that his pieces have been in demand for decades, and even more so now that he has retired.

The furnace that Adam built has now grown cold, but the love of his work remains as hot as ever. There is certainly a lot of inspiration for budding glass artists to draw on, with more than 50 years of Jablonski’s creative genius on display the world over.

His talent was never ending, with both glass technology and glass artistry benefiting from Mr Jablonski’s skill and expertise. Not only did he build his own bespoke furnace and glory hole, he also invented techniques where molten glass was blended with shards of metal to create new and amazing glass with superior reflections and an inner brilliance that had not been seen before.

Sadly, Jablonski is no longer working and his art glass will not evolve any further. This is a real shame as Jablonski was able to create glass in any colour he wished and held many patents to his name regarding all the colours he could produce.

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Dimensions 10 x 4 x 14 cm


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