Art Deco Perfume Bottles ‘Decadence’ by Sanders and Wallace


Glitz and Glamour Perfume Bottles

L: 5cm x D: 5cm x H: 10cm
2.5 kg

Art Deco Perfume Bottles ‘Decadence’ by Sanders and Wallace

Decadence Art Deco perfume bottles are the epitome of the elegance of a bygone age. The combed glass pieces hint at that Art Deco era where designs were bold and black was the essential ingredient in all things fashionable.

The lines flow like the drapes of the stage with a Busby Berkeley about to start at any moment and the voluptuous curve of the piece tapes down to a shapely base that could be contained in a tight bodice.

At 10cms tall you get an art glass piece that will stand out from the crowd without dominating a space to forthrightly. This enables you to put it on a dressing table or shelf with other bottles or on its own to dramatic effect.

The glass is very thin and delicate and has been hand blown to a perfect delicate thickness, something only very experienced hands can do.

This is one of our collection of Art Deco perfume bottles that come from all over the World.

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Art Deco Perfume Bottles Artist

The perfume bottles artists hail from the north of England and our award-winning duo have created a range of delightfully decadent perfume bottles to tempt you with.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the beautiful creations of Andrew Sanders and David Wallace. Their highly successful partnership has led to a long and varied career exploring all the possibilities of hot glass and hand blown glass in particular.

They are designers and craftsmen on a unique range of handmade glass and they still use many of the same techniques that have been around since the dawn of glassmaking 4000 years ago.

You can see more of their stunning works in our perfume bottle section HERE.

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm


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