Decorative Art Glass Panel ‘Golden Tree’ By Tim Carter


Precious Tree


L: 15cm x H: 22cm

Decorative Art Glass Panel ‘Golden Tree’ By Tim Carter

Golden Tree is a decorative art glass panel that instantly draws the eye with the emotion emitted from it is felt instantly.   The tree, hand scored to perfection, sits in harmony with the autumn-toned background.

The brass base is hand-rolled and uncoated bare metal so will naturally tarnish over time.

A  decorative glass panel that will highlight any space it resides.

Decorative Art Glass Panel Artist

Tim Carter graduated from the Chelsea School of Art and Design in 1992, gaining a BA (Hons) in Public Art.  He specialised in Architectural and Stained Glass.  During his studies he worked at a local glass studio owned by glass and steel sculptor Dany Lane.  Remaining at the studio after his studies. Tim then went on to be part of the team that created and installed the glass balustrade on the staircase and mezzanine of the main gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Tim looked to further his skills by participating in wood, steel fabrication and engineering workshops.  In 1997 he gained a PGCE in Art & Design Education from De Montford University.  This lead him to run evening and weekend courses in stained and decorative glass.

In 1999  Tim set up, Tim Carter – Glass & Sculpture.  Where he works with glass and other materials such as steel, stainless steel, wood, slate, acrylic and other non-ferrous metals.  In his studio in Rutland, Oakham, he designs and makes decorative glass table lights, sculptures, wall panels, signs, and gifts.

Tim is inspired by the shapes, patterns, forms, and textures found within the natural world.  His walks with Barney the dog often allow him the space and time to let his imagination flow.

Intrigued by the refractive, reflective, and structural properties of glass.  Tim looks as to how it can be manipulated and decorated to affect the passage of light through it.  His work often incorporates wood, slate, metals and LED lighting to enhance the glass work.

Tim has designed and manufactured numerous prestigious presentation award pieces for Roll-Royce Aerospace PLC.  Tim is a member of Contemporary Glass Society, Scottish Glass Society, Guild of Glass Engravers, Glass Society of Ireland, Axis Arts.

Dimensions 15 × 22 cm


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