Ornate Glass Vase ‘Curio’ by Adam Jablonski


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Glass Elegance


L: 15cm x D: 15cm x H: 37cm
3.6 kg

Ornate Glass Vase ‘Curio’ by Adam Jablonski

Ornate Glass Vase is made from pure Polish Crystal and has been imbued with a dusky light blue that is verging on purple and some stylistic round swirls around the side.

The design is bold, yet tenderly portrayed and it would make the perfect addition to your home or office.

The round base at the bottom has a beautiful curve to it, thanks to being hand blown by one of Europe’s greatest art glass artists. Boha Glass have scoured the world to collect as much new Jablonski as we could find and we have amassed quite a collection so far.

Jablonski really knows how to blow beautifully voluptuous pieces that catch the eye. This Ornate Glass Vase ‘Curio’ is no exception and you can see a lot more hand blown glass by clicking HERE

Ornate Glass Vase ‘Curio’ by Adam Jablonski. An exceptional artist and a delightful vase with real elegance, and a solid long term investment.

Ornate Glass Vase Artist

With works of glass that can be found in some of the finest art glass collections, Adam Jablonski is considered today to be one of the most innovative glass art technicians in the world.

In 1936, he was born in Poland, one of the leading countries of glass art production. Inspired by this, Adam Jablonski pursued a near-60 year career beginning in 1952 as an artist and certified glass technologist.

Adam Jablonski has built a glass furnace according to his own created technology and also patented dozens of new ways in creating glass art. One innovative patent was his method of combining glass and metal to create an amazing and unique fusion of two completely different elements.

Over the many decades that we worked, he received a dozen awards from his government for services to the glass industry.

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 37 cm
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