Ceramic Box With Lid ‘Robin’ Limited Edition of 25′ by Nigel Creed


Classic ceramic


D: 0.85cm

Ceramic Box With Lid ‘Robin’ Limited Edition of 25′ by Nigel Creed

This limited edition ceramic box with lid by Nigel Creed is the perfect gift for nature lovers. This delicate ceramic box should take pride of place on your mantel or sideboard or other display. Like the majority of Nigel’s free hand painted ceramic works, the focus for his ceramic box is a beautifully depicted Robin red breast. Sat gently on the branches of a tree, the hand painted bird is delicately painted to perfection.

Choose a ceramic box with lid by Nigel Creed as a gift for someone special or for your own home. A fabulous little ornament, this ceramic box will look stunning on display in your home. For lovers of nature, and birds, the bold red breast of this robin will be sure to capture your heart. Lose track of time as you carefully examine the detail of the design, imagining you are outside in the garden or fields, the only sounds to be heard the tweeting of the birds.

Ceramic Box With Lid Artist

Nigel Creed is a freehand ceramic painting artist. His career started out with Royal Worcester. Here he was trained by Edward Townsend, whose work at Worcester spanned from 1918 till 1971. Nigel left the Royal Worcester around the year 1990, subsequently working for Kingsley Enamels, and Elliot Hall and Moorcroft Enamels. Nigel also works as a freelance painter.

Nigel’s most recent works are with Elliot Hall Enamels, a company that began in 2006, with its origins spanning back into the last century and the Kingsley Hall family. During the years 1999 to 2005, the company was owned by Moorcroft, however, Elliot always remained as managing director through these times. Elliot Hall Enamels are world renowned for Limited Editions. Nigel works as a free hand painter, working on such ceramic pieces. His works are heavily inspired by nature, and in particular by birds. Through his works you will see wrens, robins, blue tits, and red-breasted pochards to name but a few. Choose this beautiful ceramic box with lid for the perfect addition to any nature lovers home.

Dimensions 0.85 cm


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