Igor Dubovy

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Igor Dubovy was born in Moscow, Russia in 1972 – a city he still lives and works in today. He is a self-taught artist and loves to travel. He uses his trips as inspiration for his stunning watercolours.


Russian Art Week. Moscow 2015 – 2nd place in classical ‘genre painting. International competition.

Watercolor Fair. Moscow 2015». IWS RUSSIA Annual Exhibition.

My Italy. Moscow 2016 ITALIA ART International Exhibition Prize-winner.

A Gold Turtle. Moscow 2016 Fine Arts Finalist.

Artist Statement

I’ve been fond of drawing since childhood. I have no special education in Art, but it does not prevent me from loving watercolour sincerely. As one great artist said: “Oil painting is like driving a Rolls-Royce, whereas watercolour painting is similar to driving a Ferrari”. Watercolour is beautiful in its uniqueness and ease, despite the complexity of technical touches. I draw for my own pleasure. I like travelling and most subjects of my works are usually taken from the trips. A great number of my paintings have scattered around the world and settled in private collections in England, America, and Austria.

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