Art Bowls ‘Cinnamon and Jade Bowls’ by Michèle Oberdieck



Jade & Cinnamon Delight
Each Bowl –  £730

Art Bowls ‘Cinnamon and Jade Bowls’ by Michèle Oberdieck

These charming art bowls by Michele Oberdieck come in two gorgeous colourways. Choose either the serene and majestic jade or the warm and comforting cinnamon shade. These art bowls will look magnificent as a centrepiece on their own, or you could choose both as the colours compliment each other beautifully.

These curvaceous art bowls are another fine example of Michele Oberdieck’s fantastic work, and they would be perfect for lovers of art and design.

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Glass Artist

Born in Canada, Michele Oberdieck has lived in Britain for nearly two decades. She initially trained as a textile designer at Glasgow School of Art, and later ran a printed textile business, from the Oxo Tower in London. However, after completing an MA in Glass at The Royal College of Art, Michèle found a new passion for blown glass, and began focusing on colour merging and surface texture.

Michele is inspired by natural organic forms and organic structures. Her work explores balance and asymmetry through shape, surface and colour. Her pieces have a moody, soft ethereal colour bleed, akin to dip-dyed fabrics.

Glass is both a medium of clarity, and ambiguity, and Michele is fascinated by its capacity to distort and alter our view. Some of her glass vessels are inspired by the classic Swedish technique of Graal. This is where a glass cup of layered colours is cut and stripped away to form a pattern. When it is re-blown, the image becomes distorted, offering up a different perspective as the viewer looks from the outside inside.

Graal allows Michele Oberdieck to examine the relationships between the positive and negative ground through transparency and opacity, and the pattern this creates. Michele finds the contained interior space intriguing, especially how the inner reflection of light and shadow affects the exterior form.

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