Glass Art Commissions

Boha Glass Art commissions for public, commercial and private clients looking for contemporary and unique

  • Sculptures

  • Glass Installations and Lighting

  • Bespoke Interior Design Projects

  • Awards, Trophies and Coroprate Gifts

Call +44 (0)1275 371968 or Email to discuss your project.

Boha welcomes the opportunity to work with public bodies, commercial clients, and private individuals to create an art glass commission at the cutting-edge of art and design.

Boha brings you many years of combined glass knowledge to ensure your project is an unrivalled success, delivered by the glass masters of the art glass industry.

Why choose Boha?

  • Access to international glass artists and designers
  • Assistance with commissions worldwide
  • We do the hard work, so you don’t have to
  • Preferential rates and trade pricing
  • Highly experienced in finding the perfect artist
  • Can fast-track projects – meet tight deadlines
  • Experience in all areas of glass art commissions
glass art commissions commercial

Please provide the following information to begin the Glass Art commission process:

  • What are you looking to create and why?
  • What is the budget (we have artists at all price points)?
  • Where is the location of the project or is remote collaboration possible?
  • Is there a fixed deadline for the project?

Please be detailed so we can select the right artist for your project.

Boha Glass has a huge range of glass artists to match all budgets.

We have worked with car companies, Hollywood and TV studios, royalty, super yacht and cruise ship owners, as well as small businesses and local authorities, so you can be assured we have a solution for everyone.

Art Glass Commission Fees

Boha ask for details so we have a clear idea of what you are looking for.

If you have seen a piece in our gallery and you would like it bigger, smaller, or in a different colour, then please do contact us to discuss that.

By agreeing to collaborate with Boha on your commission, we will dedicate the time to find the right solution for your project.

Please send the details of your project to us using the Contact Form here.

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