We all have different ideas about how we want to honour the dead. Nowadays more and more people choose cremation and therefore need cremation urns. As holding on to the earthly remains of a beloved person or pet can be reassuring. It can help not only with the grieving process but also to keep the memories alive. Urns come in a variety of shapes, but they generally have a round body with narrow neck, with a fitted lid. Made from a variety of materials, types of urns, include glass urns, ceramic urns, stone urns etc.

Some people like to scatter a portion of the ashes and use a keepsake urn to keep part of the ashes. Keepsake urns are a great way to keep your loved ones or beloved pet’s ashes close to you, and safe in the family home. More recently, keeping the ashes of two people, in so-called companion urns, is gaining popularity.

Keepsake glass urns are easily filled and will permanently hold a portion of ashes that can be kept as a very special keepsake.

For a long time, urns have tended to be rather sombre. More recently there has been a trend towards more colourful and decorative glass urns. As people choose to commemorate their loved ones in something more joyous and celebratory.

With this ‘joyous’ viewpoint in mind, these pretty and luxurious hand-blown glass cremation urns, in vibrant colourways are just the ticket.

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