Glass Perfume Bottles for luxury gifts for those you love, or for Scent Bottle collectors everywhere.
You will be sure to find something to tantalise the senses when you see our vast collection of glass art designs.
Boha Glass has been scouring the planet for the very best bottles:
Art Deco perfume bottles – Vintage perfume bottles – Antique perfume bottles – Miniature bottles – Art Glass perfume bottles.
The scent bottle collection you see here is the absolute best of what we have discovered so far.
The hunt is not over! Boha Glass would like to bring you more of these delightful vintage glass perfume bottle style pieces, especially more miniature glass perfume bottles UK or from anywhere else around the world.
See our Pinterest Page for some lovely glass perfume bottle examples that we have already found.
You can see why there are so many keen collectors around the world as there are so many dazzling little treasures out there.
If you would like to stay updated on our latest collections why not consider subscribing for all the latest updates. When you make your first purchase just don’t forget to leave the Subscribe box ticked. We will only message you once a quarter and no more.
Leave comments on them to let us know which ones are your favourites and we will do our best to obtain some delightful glass bottles – just for you.
If you are a perfume bottle artist we would love to hear from you. Please use the contact form to get in touch with us here and include some examples of your work. Thank you!

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