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Egyptian Glass: The Development of Glassmaking in Ancient Egypt

The history of Egyptian glass dates back over 3,500 years, and Egypt was one of the first places on earth to master the art of crafting delicate and beautiful glass objects from raw materials. Beads and amulets found in burial sites provide the earliest proof of glass manufacture. These glass artefacts were primarily used for […]

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Incalmo Glass Sculpture Laura McKinley

Glass Art Techniques

There are many glass art techniques that glass artists use to create amazing art glass pieces. These different techniques can be put into three main categories: hot glass, warm glass, and, yes, you guessed it, cold glass. Hot glass making requires a temperature of 2000 degrees, and the viscous, easily manipulated glass is used in

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Murano Glass Ornaments

Investing in Art Glass

In the world of investments, where stocks rise and fall like a roller coaster and cryptocurrencies make our heads spin, there’s a quiet and elegant alternative that’s been gaining attention – art glass. Yes, you heard it right – those shimmering, colourful glass sculptures that captivate your senses and bring a touch of magic to

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glass flower vase 17th century

Glass Flower Vase: A Quick Quirky Potted History

Once upon a time in the quaint English countryside, where tea was a serious affair and conversations primarily revolved around the weather, a seemingly innocent object made its grand entrance into the homes of the locals—the glass flower vase. Little did the unsuspecting English know that this unassuming vessel would become a centrepiece in the

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Andy Warhol Artwork

Andy Warhol Artwork

Andy Warhol Artwork shook the establishment to its core with nothing more frightening than Coca-Cola bottles and Cambell’s Soup Tins. With his novel approach to creativity and preoccupation with celebrity culture, Andy Warhol revolutionised the art world.  He quickly became a prominent figure of the 20th-century art scene, creating iconic works of art out of

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harvey littleton

What is Art Glass?

What is Art Glass? Since ancient times, art has been a basic manifestation of human creativity, conveying feelings, ideas, and narratives via a variety of forms and media. Art glass is one such alluring medium, a brilliant blend of aesthetics and craftsmanship that has garnered the interest of both artists and collectors. Glass art continues

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