Camille Pissarro art self-portrait

Camille Pissarro Art

The French landscape artist Camille Pissarro was born on the island of St Thomas in the Danish West Indies in 1830 and is noted for his contribution to Impressionist and Postimpressionist art. Known for his quote “it is absurd to look for perfection”, the artist started to experiment with art after moving to Paris at […]

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Andre Breton Art

André Breton Art

André Breton art provocateur extraordinaire was a surrealist writer and poet who is known as the father of the Surrealist art movement. Breton was born in 1896 in Normandy, and the most famous André Breton works include the Surrealist Manifesto (or Manifeste du Surrealisme), the novels Nadja and Mad Love (or L’Amour Fou). The artist […]

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Amedeo Modigliani Art

Amedeo Modigliani Art

Amedeo Modigliani was an Italian painter largely based in Paris whose career peaked in the early 1900s. The artist is known for his portraits of various Parisians, which were influenced by African art. Modigliani was Jewish, and was always open about his faith even at a time where anti-Semitism was rife in France. Many of […]

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Alphonse Mucha Art Muse

Alphonse Mucha Art

Alphonse Mucha was a Czech painter and decorative artist associated with the Art Nouveau movement. The artist was born in 1860 in the small town of Moravia. Legend has it that Mucha was able to draw before he was able to walk, and he was a musician and a choirboy during his childhood years. Although […]

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Jules Cheret Art Folies

Jules Chéret Art

Known as the “father of the modern poster”, Jules Chéret was born in Paris in 1836. Chéret was a graphic designer and poster illustrator seen as a pioneer of Belle Époque poster art and was born into a poor but highly-creative family. The artist started a three-year lithography apprenticeship at the age of 13, later […]

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Claude Monet Art Haystacks

Claude Monet Art

The French artist Claude Monet was born in 1840 in Paris. He is regarded as one of the key artists of the Impressionist movement, which peaked around the mid-19th century. Claude Monet art work includes some of the most iconic paintings of the century. His father ran a grocery business, and his mother was a […]

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Paul Cezanne Art 1894 Curtain jug and fruit

Paul Cézanne Art

Paul Cézanne was born in 1839. The work of the French Post-Impressionist painter is widely seen as the vital link between the Impressionism of the late 19th century and Cubism. Whilst many of Cézanne’s contemporaries came from impoverished backgrounds, the artist experienced financial stability during his youth, with his father being a co-founder of a […]

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Salon in the Rue des Moulins

Toulouse-Lautrec Art

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was a painter, printmaker, illustrator and draughtsman whose fame peaked in the late 1800s. Toulouse-Lautrec was born on the 24th November 1864 and is associated with the post-impressionist period. Today, Toulouse-Lautrec art is seen as some of the most important art, not only of its era but of all time, with his […]

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Diego Rivera Art Man at the Crossroads

Diego Rivera Art

Diego Rivera art work is widely regarded as some of the most ground-breaking and exceptional Mexican art ever produced. Rivera is perhaps best known for his murals which portrayed the challenges faced by the working-class of the country, though he is also famed for his troubled relationship with Frida Kahlo, who was also a groundbreaking […]

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