Max Ernst Art The Triumph of Surrealism

Max Ernst Art

The Story of Max Ernst Art Max Ernst art shocked and enthralled in equal measure. The German-born artist was a highly-provocative yet innovative figure whose work. He was renowned for his surreal, dreamlike imagery and fought in the first World War, which he found to be an utterly traumatic experience and resulted in him condemning […]

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Seurat art close-up

Georges Seurat Art

Georges Seurat Art is credited with introducing an innovative painting technique and inspiring an entire artistic movement. His most famous painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, was produced when he was 25 years old. He was the founder of Pointillism, a unique style featuring paintings produced from tiny dots of […]

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Venetian art glass Murano beads

Venetian Art Glass – Unique Facts About Murano Glass

Venetian art glass has been incredibly popular since around the 8th century. Made in Venice, Italy, almost exclusively on the island known as Murano, Venetian glass is unmistakable due to its colourful, bold, and elaborate designs. During the Middle Ages, the Venetian Republic was one of the wealthiest and most powerful republics in all of […]

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Coloured Glass Vases

Modern Glass Art: An Introduction

The work of modern glass artists can change hands for astonishing amounts of money, and it’s often amazing to see just how innovative and beautiful the glass-based works being produced by today’s leading pioneers are. Art Glass can also be a great art investment for the future. Fewer and fewer creative restrictions The ability to […]

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ocean pollutants bacteria

Hand Blown Art Glass

The Medium With A Message: Hazel MacLennan’s Environmentally-Conscious Hand Blown Art Glass Any collector of hand blown art glass knows that this art form has the power to deeply enrich our lives on an individual level. In brightening and beautifying our homes, blown glass uplifts our minds and our spirits, creating an oasis of peace […]

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Marvin Lipofsky art glass

Handblown Art Glass

Though the history of glassblowing stretches back to the middle of the 1st century BC, the last six decades have seen the practice of blowing glass for artistic purposes evolve hugely. The world of handblown art glass has advanced significantly since the start of the studio glass movement in the early 1960s. Harvey Littleton is […]

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iridescent loetz art glass

Loetz Art Glass

Loetz was one of the leading Bohemian art glass makers, working in the Art Nouveau era. The Loetz Art Glass company was founded by Johann Loetz in 1840 and became renowned for its bold colours, ground-breaking techniques and organic forms. Loetz art glass was at its peak between around 1890-1920, with its products being manufactured […]

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