how to remove scratches from glass

How To Remove Scratches From Glass

The joy of having a glass collection goes beyond sheer visual admiration. For those who own antique glass, there is also the profoundly meaningful sense of restoring and preserving heirloom pieces for future generations. Each item of antique glass serves as a tangible emblem of an era—a way of life that has long since passed […]

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Bohemian movement

Bohemian Movement: A Romantic Past, A Peripatetic Future

When most people hear the word ‘Bohemian,’ they envision eclectic decor, artfully loose, careless hair and clothing, and flamboyant jewellery, rich in the use of natural materials and semi-precious stones. The Bohemian movement is the label of counter-culture rock stars and precocious fashionistas alike, one of many commercialised images of rebellion available to those who […]

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Bauhaus school of art

Bauhaus School Of Art And Design

The Rise And Fall Of The Bauhaus School Of Art And Design From a modern perspective, it’s easy to underestimate the sheer power and influence of the Bauhaus school: What immediately strikes many of us upon viewing a signature Bauhaus object, such as the Wasilly Chair or the Wagenfeld Lamp, is the fact that they […]

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Brutalist Architecture Prentice Womens Hospital

Brutalist Buildings

Beautiful Monsters: The Strange Appeal Of Brutalist Architecture Around the world—and in Britain perhaps most poignantly—the 1950s and 1960s were a time of unparalleled optimism. These ‘years of hope’, as the late Tony Benn dubbed them, saw the middle class of the nation transformed by peace and prosperity. Wayland Young, in his book Return to […]

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lattimo milk glass

Fenton Art Glass: The History of Milk Glass

From Venice To Fenton Art Glass: The History Of Milk Glass In the world of art glass, much is said about the appeal of whirls of colour and shimmering iridescence; from the many-faceted delights of millefiori to the distracting gasoline glimmer of carnival glass, both collectors and glassmakers have drawn centuries of enjoyment from the […]

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ancient chinese disk

Seeking Clarity: Unearthing The Secrets of Lead-Barium Glass in China

While Asia is a continent much admired for its long history of artistic and technical achievement, ancient Asian glass craft has largely been overshadowed by more mainstream mediums; the popularity (both within Asia itself and amongst modern collectors) of Asian ceramic wares and metalwork has rendered glass something a footnote. However, though glassmaking got off […]

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greek glass art skyphos hellenistic period 1st century

Glass Art: Early Glass Manufacturing Techniques

In our two most recent pieces, Black Glass: Before There Was Glassblowing and Coloured Glass: Before The Age of Glass Blowing, we examined the motivations (both practical and cultural) which shaped the genesis of glassmaking. We also explored the ancient trade routes that helped to spread glass art around the world, spurring the innovations that […]

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coloured glass beads

Coloured Glass: Before The Age of Glass Blowing

Before There Was Glass Blowing Part 2 – The Bronze Age: As the Chalcolithic Age slowly gave way to the Bronze Age and primitive settlements began to coalesce into powerful urban centres, the desire for individual expression and status – conveyed through personal adornment – intensified rapidly. It is therefore little wonder that the very […]

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