Boha Glass is a virtual company whose headquarters are powered and heated by solar panels and Photo-Voltaic cells.
Our additional electricity comes from renewable sources.
Our additional heating system runs on recycled wood.
Our office is insulated to prevent heat loss.
Our thermostat is set to 18 degrees in the colder months to lower our energy use.
Everyone works in one room to reduce heat and light use.
All our lightbulbs are energy-efficient LED bulbs.
Our keyboard mice are powered by rechargeable batteries.
The heating is on a timer so the room is only heated when in use.


All our fruit is bought loose and taken back to the office in a reusable bag.
All the food we purchase is locally sourced and in-season wherever possible.
Our waste is recycled wherever possible and food waste is composted in our garden wormery.
All our cleaning products are eco-friendly and we use lint-free cotton e-cloths and cotton tea towels.
We filter our tap water rather than buying water in plastic bottles.
We have a recycling bin for food waste, but produce no paper waste, except toilet rolls which are put in the wormery.
All our tea and coffee is fair trade.


We are a paper-free company and all invoices are sent and received in digital format only.
All our office equipment has energy-saving features enabled.
Only equipment with a high energy efficiency rating is purchased.
Our printer is switched off and no longer used.
We do not use portable fans or heaters.
We do not use tea urns.
The seals on our fridge and freezer are checked regularly.
We do not use pens or paper, all our meeting notes are put directly onto the computer.
We do not use PCs, only laptops and tablets.
All computers are switched off at the end of the day.


Staff carshare wherever possible to reduce carbon emissions.
All our meetings are conducted via Zoom wherever possible.
All our advertising is done digitally.
Our hosting is carbon-neutral
All our glass products are 100% recyclable
We use the Green Providers Directory to find new products
we plant trees for every review we receive

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