Delightful handmade crystal art glass paperweights. Pretty as a picture and perfect for gifts.

There is a beautiful array of items to choose from and one to suit every taste and every budget.

These teardrop glass paper weights are deeply rich in colour and encased in a crystal clear glass overcoat.

Some of the pieces are so intriguing they will entertain the eye for hours at a time as you try and fathom how they were made.

Our large ovate glass pieces are mesmerising to look at and have a raw steel look and feel to them which makes them a perfect gift for men.

Decadence, dainty, beauty, great curves and audacious artwork are some of the ways to describe the wonderful art work that makes up these fantastic glass paperweights.

Start your glass weight collection today and add something special to your mantel or sill. Perfect for a shelf or sunny conservatory as well.

Once you start, you will soon want more and Boha Glass will always be here to help you build a collection of some of the finest glass art paperweights the world’s artists have to offer.

Each piece is always handmade by the artist and personally signed by them before being sent directly to you to take pride of place in your home.

Contemporary art glass pieces to add flair to your interior decor or as gifts for loved ones. If you do buy your friend or family a gift of a glass blown paperweight they will be forever grateful for your kindness.

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  • Amber (5)

  • Aqua (4)

  • Black (18)

  • Blue (42)

  • Brown (5)

  • Clear (26)

  • Gold (2)

  • Green (37)

  • Multicolour (4)

  • Orange (8)

  • Pink (16)

  • Purple (20)

  • Red (18)

  • Teal (1)

  • Turquoise (1)

  • White (5)

  • Yellow (17)

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