Stunning Handmade Crystal Art Glass Bowls made by renowned glass artisans from Europe and North America.

Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, or interior decor pieces for a superyacht, luxury boutique hotel or corporate office, Boha has a wide selection to choose from.

Add some true beauty to your home with some glorious glass treasures, from the finest furnaces and kilns of glass artists around the world.

As well as FREE UK delivery Boha also provides a worldwide delivery service for all clients. Just fill in your address details at checkout to see the delivery fee.
Boha also has the last few hand blown glass bowls on the market from the glass works of Adam Jablonski before he retired in 2009.
As the illustrious career of a great glass artist has come to an end, these wonderful blown glass pieces have shot up in value already.
Adam Jablonski has made a big impression on the world glass market and his fabulous art glass bowls are in high demand.
Once this stock of fabulous crystal bowls is gone we will not be able to replace it as the great maker has retired and we will never see another new handmade glass bowl centrepieces by Jablonski.
All our Jablonski art pieces, including these decorative glass bowls will not be replaced so hurry and pick up your piece of glass art history today.

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