Handmade Pottery Bowl ‘Yellow, Orange and White Monarch’ by Fiona Mazza


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Handmade Pottery Bowl ‘Yellow, Orange and White Monarch’ by Fiona Mazza

This handmade pottery bowl ‘Yellow, Orange and White Monarch’ by Fiona Mazza is a wonderful piece of art and design. The artist explores the power and beauty of nature and its struggles with man’s impact upon it. These ideas came together to produce this fabulous handmade pottery bowl.

Featuring the Monarch butterfly, Fiona creates each of the ten wings separately. They are then combined in a free-form process. Delightful sunset yellow and orange colours and innocent white are set against a dramatic black background. A truly stunning piece that will receive compliments for years to come.

Please note that the image is an example.  Each piece is handbuilt to order and not to a set pattern of arrangement of the wings and is therefore completely unique. The dimensions will vary slightly from those stated.

Handmade Pottery Bowl Artist

Fiona Mazza has been a maker of unusual ceramics for 18 years exhibiting in numerous shows around the country. She also runs her own studio and workshops in Pateley Bridge and holds a first-class Honors Degree in Visual Arts.

The core of her work is based on nature, in particular, the wonderful world of butterflies. This body of work highlight’s the struggles of nature and mans impact upon it. The Monarch butterfly is used in this work to represent nature and the beauty of form and colour. The impact of man is seen in the use of bolts to control and damage. The monarch migrates travelling long distances, clustering together to create awe-inspiring patterns. Man’s use of pesticides on the milkweed which the Monarch feed on is reducing their numbers and is in danger of destroying this wonder of the world.

Fiona has combined the love of nature and the battles in which it takes to survive, demonstrating strength, versus fragility, through the natural clay state. These pieces inspired by the wonderful world of butterflies are hand-built or slip cast and hand carved. Each piece is constructed from separate wings, joining them together in free form. Bisque fired then hand decorated and fired again to 1220 degrees.


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