Abstract Art Glass ‘Oculus Solis’ by Elizabeth Sinkova


Glass Vastness

Lead Time: Two weeks

L: 32cm x D: 2cm x H: 50cm
2 kg

Abstract Art Glass ‘Oculus Solis’ by Elizabeth Sinkova

Nebulae-inspired abstract art glass ‘Oculus’ is Latin for eye and entreats the viewer to contemplate the vastness of space.

Our star – one of 800 billion trillion in the observable universe. There are not enough grains of sand on planet Earth to represent that number.

Created using kiln forming and then finished by hand. The visual changes depending on where you are standing.

Presented on a hand-made forged steel frame stand.

N.B. The images shown are an example of the ones in the series. Each piece is handmade and therefore there will be small variations in colour and pattern. Each one is completely unique and signed by the artist.

Abstract Art Glass – Artist

Glass artist Elizabeth Sinkova is a contemporary artist originally from the Czech Republic, now living in Sowerby, West Yorkshire, where she creates her fantastic glass art using fusing, painting, and etching.

After working for Aliglass in the Czech Republic, Elizabeth came to the UK, teaching a fused glass workshop in Wales, working for a glass studio in London, and three years working on restorative stained glass projects at Salisbury Cathedral.

After a move north, Sinkova spent time working as a glass painter on high-end residences and superyachts and for a stained glass company as an architectural glass artist.

Throughout her career, Sinkova has exhibited her work widely in the UK, as well as in America, Korea, Geneva, and Bulgaria.

In 2022, Elizabeth won the Professional Stained Glass Roundel Competition, which was created for the Lord Mayor of London.

In 2023, Elizabeth was the recipient of the Pilchuck Glass School Fellowship. As well as becoming a fellow of the school, she was invited to take part in the summer programme at the school founded by Dale Chihuly.

Elizabeth Sinkova Glass Artist Statement

Being an expressive artist, I intend to create contemporary artwork full of colour, motion, and life.

In the process of designing, I am not only influenced by the brief itself but also by the context of the architectural setting. I am often inspired by nature and its elements, which assist me in capturing my ideas and integrating them into architectural artwork.

Techniques that characterise my work are airbrushed transparent enamels combined with freehand painting glass fusing and etching. I also love using the effects of optical glass and reflective surfaces interacting with direct light. These allow me to explore the true properties of glass and thus reveal its inner beauty.

My ultimate aim is to convey my vision into a unique piece of art that is not only an uplifting compliment to its building and surroundings but also an aesthetic element, evoking positive feelings in the viewers.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 2 × 50 cm


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