Art Glass Sculptures ‘Most Charming Creatures’ by Roberta Mason

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Decadent Glass Ornament

D: 14cm x H: 15.5cm
6.9 kg

Art Glass Sculptures ‘Most Charming Creatures’ by Roberta Mason

Bring the beauty of marine life into your home with these incredible art glass sculptures by Roberta Mason.

Nature, and in particular water, are constant sources of inspiration for Roberta which led her to develop these stunning pieces. Ocean creatures and the drawings of the German biologist, Ernst Haeckel inspired these art glass sculptures.

The major proportion of the fresh air that we breathe is created by these sea creatures and not from trees as many believe. This amazing gift to the world is what inspired this work.

Roberta hopes that this work will help inspire people to remember the bounty of the seas and how precious it is and that it should be treasured by us all.

‘Ohana’ is a Hawaiian word meaning family; family that remember one another and that are responsible to and for each other. They are joined and bound together by blood and work together as a loving co-operative.

Made with delicately small snippets of murrini glass canes, each of these delicate glass creatures is both unique but also familiar and part of the wider ocean family of creatures that have provided the gift of oxygen that has enabled all land-based creatures to survive and thrive.  They stand on bases of fossilised limestone – on the shoulders of their ancestors.

Admire the beautiful domed shape and the delightful oceanic blue shades. Each sculpture comes with a light stand(battery operated with remote control). The light projects into the room making the piece come ‘alive’.

The art glass sculpture comes with a battery-operated light (with remote control), and a stand made of fossilised limestone – the fossilised ancestors of the creatures that Roberta recreates in her work here.

Height of Creature: 21 cm
Height with Stand: 26 cm

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Art Glass Sculptures Artist

It’s all about the sea for Roberta Mason Glass (previously known as Blue Chromis Glass).

Roberta’s journey into art came via science and technology and she graduated with an MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art in London in 2018.

Roberta Mason is passionate about sharing her love of and fascination with the sea. Ultimately, she hopes to inspire the desire to protect and respect our marine environments. Together we can #bethechange.

A burgeoning talent within her field, Roberta has shown her work at many galleries and exhibitions. Her work has formed part of national and international collections. Suffice to say her beautiful glass artwork is proving very popular! Roberta has achieved a number of awards and nominations. These include:

  • 2019 Finalist in the Visual Arts Open Prize competition
  • 2018 Contemporary Glass Society New Graduate Review – Commended
  • 2016 Scholarship – Masterclass with Dr Gerry King, Claudia Borella Design Studio, NZ
  • 2015 Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers – Commission Competition – Highly Commended

Roberta’s relationship with glass and water could best be described as a passionate love affair. She creates works of art that contain depth and inner narratives by understanding the properties of glass. Using traditional glass techniques, in non-traditional ways, her unique, sculptural glasswork and installations capture a snapshot of life. The glass ‘breathes’ life into the work.

An artist with unstoppable energy, she takes her inspiration from Aristotle and his quote “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”

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Weight 6.9 kg
Dimensions 14 × 15.5 cm

1 review for Art Glass Sculptures ‘Most Charming Creatures’ by Roberta Mason

  1. SJ Wright (verified owner)

    What a nice surprise to receive ‘Rapture’.

    Once again you get an awful lot of glass for your money. It is an unusual and impressive design and the interplay of colours are really nice, especially if you like pink with blue tinges, which are particularly strong in my piece. The tiny bubbles within the sculpture make it even more intriguing to look at and it is another feast for the eyes, coupled with speedy service and excellent packaging from Boha.

    I’d advise anyone in the UK who is looking for something beautiful to own and display (and if also looking for an alternative investment to banks) that they cannot go wrong here. The pricing and free shipping at Boha is amazing given that second-hand Jablonski’s can be selling on internet sales sites for much the same price (and rare large pieces are barely seen), they often need to be shipped to the UK from the US and thus incur hefty shipping and extra import charges at customs. You get none of that hassle here plus the 48-hour service. It is genuinely a hidden gem and I’m really glad I found it. 🙂

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