Cast Glass Ornament ‘Ring Vessel’ by Ingrid Hunter



L: 24cm x D: 7cm x H: 36cm
3.8 kg

Cast Glass Ornament ‘Ring Vessel’ by Ingrid Hunter

Admire the indicate details on this cast glass ornament ‘Ring Vessel’ by Ingrid Hunter. Watch in awe as the dichroic stopper changes colour from amber to green from daylight to nightlight.

Ingrid Hunter’s hand-carved and kiln-formed cast glass ornament stands at a majestic 36 cm tall and almost 4kg in weight. This weighty piece will dominate any space it is placed in and draw many admiring comments.

Inspired by an ancient form, this lead crystal piece has great clarity and embodies elegance from a bygone era.

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Cast Glass Ornament Artist

Ingrid Hunter is a well-established glass artist and ceramicist. Ingrid started her artistic journey as a self-taught potter, making a range of pieces inspired by the art world and global travels. In the last decade, Ingrid has turned her attention to making incredibly intricate and unique cast glass art.

Her work takes inspiration from flora, fauna and ancient form. She enjoys creating an illusion and the challenging complexity of core casting. Her art glass pieces are often beautiful functional objects, but they can just be a beautiful thing in itself. “Let the glass do the talking!” says Ingrid.

Cast glass is a kiln-based process which is technically tricky to master. It involves model making and hand polishing, also known as cold working. Ingrid has learned her craft extremely well resulting in collaborations and exhibitions at well-known galleries. She has exhibited with Just Glass at Orleans House, Twickenham 2014 & 2018 and Pitzhanger, Ealing 2016 and Recollection at Espacio Gallery 2020. She was a selected artist at the International Glass Biennale in 2015 & 2018. Ingrid was also honoured to be invited to exhibit in ‘Breaking The Mould’ exhibition at Peter Layton’s prestigious London Glassblowing Gallery in 2018.

More recently, Ingrid set up her own studio near Oundle, Northamptonshire. She is the proud owner of a kiln which she uses to create her cast glass art, which can be a series or as one-off pieces as well as special commissions.

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 24 × 7 × 36 cm



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