Glass Art Discs ‘Seasons’ by Keith Dymond


Wall Art


3 kg

Glass Art Discs ‘Seasons’ by Keith Dymond

Bright, glass art discs for walls and countertops in a variety of vibrant colours.

Made using concave and convex art glass using a hard-edge multilayer construction with a transparent core.

Kiln formed, sand-blasted and finally polished by hand.

Bring some delight and joy into your home with these gorgeous glass plates.

Glass Art Discs – Artist

Keith Dymond glass artist was born in the newly built town of Hemel Hempstead, in Hertfordshire, England

His local comprehensive school had a very forward-thinking ‘technology’ department that inspired Keith’s creative side, with a love for industrial engineering design, form function and materials.

It was the Concorde Age and Keith went to work at Hawker Sidley Engineering

Group, where he won ‘Apprentice of the Year’ and he excelled as a satellite navigation engineer.

He spent 10 years as a facilitator between university and industry, helping the transfer of projects from one sphere to the other. For over a decade he led a team of academics and engineers to manage these technology transfer projects.

Keith was the first designer to ever have two industrial products on display at the same time at London’s highly prestigious Design Council’s Design Centre.

After leaving the industrial world behind, Keith began work as a glass artist and glass-making teacher.

He moved to St Leonard’s, in East Sussex and specialised in kiln fused glass.

His work is all about the endless adventure of glass and unravelling the sheer beauty of fused glass through the colour palettes and themes of each new piece.

Keith does not tie himself down to one single genre but instead embraces the boundless joy of unbridled artwork that is fun and without boundaries.

His work evokes that sense of fun, frivolity and joyous contemplation.

Even after a major stroke in 2019, which left Keith with a paralysed arm and leg, he would not let it get him down. After three years of rehabilitation, Keith is back to his passion of teaching glass and making glass himself.

Keith Dymond Glass Artist Statement

Keith’s glass evokes a sense of pure form and hidden complexity presented through functional, abstract and contemporary styles, His visions harmonise aesthetics, chemistry, physics and functionality through the exploration and manipulation of glass and its molten and frozen properties.

Weight 3 kg

Three Colours, Orange, Green & Yellow, Blue


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