Hand Blown Glass Vessels ‘Dew Drops’ by Elin Isaksson



Round art glass

Small – L: 17cm x D: 17cm x H: 20cm
Large -L: 17cm x D: 17cm x H: 27cm

D: 17cm x H: 27.5cm
1.5 kg

Hand Blown Glass Vessels ‘Dew Drops’ by Elin Isaksson

The Drew Drops Hand Blown Glass Vessels by Elin Isaksson are an amazing representation of her closeness to nature. Her inspiration taken from stepping into nature and photographing subjects, Elin’s drew drop hand blown glass vessels are entirely unique. These hand blown glass vessels are perfect for displaying in a cabinet, on a mantel, or as a centrepiece for a dining room table.

Choose from four different colour combinations for your drew drop hand blown glass vessels; aquamarine and amber, hyacinth and olive, grey and fuchsia, or aubergine and amber. The darkening of the drops at the base from the golden tops represent the heaviness at the base of drew drop in nature. Beautifully smoothed and using no moulds or mechanical processes, the sculptures show Elin’s closeness to nature and her ability to express her findings through the use of molten glass of elegant colours and subtle shading. The true beauty of dew drops is captured perfectly in Elin’s sculptures, the delicacy of the drops and their subtle shades making room for stunning art glass work that will take centre stage in your home.

Photo Credits: Shannon Tofts

Small – L: 17cm x D: 17cm x H: 20cm
Large -L: 17cm x D: 17cm x H: 27cm

Hand Blown Glass Vessels Artist

Elin Isaksson was born in Sweden, her hand blown glass art being mainly for commission and sculpture. Previous clients of Elin’s include Oil & Gas UK, and the National Museum of Scotland and Glenfiddich. With over 15 years of experience with both Scandinavian and European techniques, she offers an exceptional bespoke service that includes prototype, design, and manufacture. Elin began her glassblowing in 1998 at the Orrefors Glass School in Sweden, gaining her Master in Design from Edinburgh College of Art in 2005.

Elin was a glass assistant for three different glassmakers in Sweden from 2000 to 2001, starting her career in Scotland in 2005 as an assistant in Galashiels. Between 2006 and 2007 she was an artist in residence at Edinburgh College of Art, 2006 also being the year when she set up Elin Isaksson Glass part-time. She set up her own studio in 2010, her work having been exhibited previously in England, Scotland, and Oklahoma.
Elin’s inspiration comes from nature, and the play of light, movement, and texture. Instead of reproducing direct likenesses of objects, she captures the sense of places she visits through art glass. Inspiration comes from her travel, ideas developing along the coast of Scotland or in her native Sweden. Her art glass techniques are elegant and use subtle blends of colour, many of her work being stretched into long and thin pieces that capture the energy of molten glass as well as a sense of movement. Elin also uses rough textures in her cast glass, her solid sculptures using one off sand moulds to create pieces of depth with layers of shards and stringers.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 17 × 27.5 cm

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