Jablonski Rapture Glass Ornament
Jablonski Rapture Glass OrnamentsA Jablonski Rapture Glass OrnamentsA Jablonski Glass OrnamentsA Jablonski Rapture Glass OrnamentJablonski Rapture Ornaments

Jablonski ‘Rapture’ Glass Ornaments

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Dimensions (L x W x H): 30 x 8 x 45 cm

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Product Description

Jablonski ‘Rapture’ Glass Ornaments

A rich a colourful collection of superb Art glass ornaments from the Polish Glass Master himself.

TheseĀ Jablonski ‘Rapture’ Glass Ornaments are graceful and very well balanced in both form and colour.

Beautiful contours of glass crystal emblazoned with a magical mix of bright colours.

Each unique, delightfully original piece is personally signed by the glass master himself.

As he retired in 2010 and closed his studio doors for good, we are unable to bring you any more of his fantastic art glass. Once our collection has been depleted then we will not be buying in any more. There are some other collectors who are sitting on Jablonski Glass, but they are expecting large returns on their art investment.

Glass Ornaments’ Artist

With works of glass that can be found in some of the finest art glass collections, Adam Jablonski is considered today to be one of the most innovative glass art technicians in the world.

In 1936, he was born in Poland, one of the leading countries of glass art production. Inspired by this, Adam Jablonski pursued a near-60 year career beginning in 1952 as an artist and certified glass technologist.

He built a glass furnace according to his own created technology and also patented dozens of new ways in creating glass art. One innovative patent was his method of combining glass and metal to create an amazing and unique fusion of two completely different elements.

Additional Information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 30 x 8 x 45 cm

1 review for Jablonski ‘Rapture’ Glass Ornaments

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    What a nice surprise to receive ‘Rapture’.

    Once again you get an awful lot of glass for your money. It is an unusual and impressive design and the interplay of colours are really nice, especially if you like pink with blue tinges, which are particularly strong in my piece. The tiny bubbles within the sculpture make it even more intriguing to look at and it is another feast for the eyes, coupled with speedy service and excellent packaging from Boha.

    I’d advise anyone in the UK who is looking for something beautiful to own and display (and if also looking for an alternative investment to banks) that they cannot go wrong here. The pricing and free shipping at Boha is amazing given that second-hand Jablonski’s can be selling on internet sales sites for much the same price (and rare large pieces are barely seen), they often need to be shipped to the UK from the US and thus incur hefty shipping and extra import charges at customs. You get none of that hassle here plus the 48-hour service. It is genuinely a hidden gem and I’m really glad I found it. šŸ™‚

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