Large Glass Paperweights ‘Whirlpool’


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Whirlpool Large Glass Paperweights

L: 10cm x D: 10cm x H: 10cm
1.5 kg

Large Glass Paperweights ‘Whirlpool’

Whirlpool Large Glass Paperweights by Lithuanian Glass maestro Remigijus Kriukas.

These eye-catching pieces are rich and creamy delights and are much larger than traditional paperweights.

A very sizeable piece that really is very eye-catching.

The ocean blue and snow white colours blend together like blueberries and cream.

Encased in pure Crystal these large glass paperweights are delightfully dazzling.

The two cores of colour are connected by a thin line of glass which has had a bubble ring blown around it.

These items are extremely collectible and will make a wonderful addition to your mantel or display cabinet. Because the items are hand-signed this adds to their value and are a much wiser investment than leaving money in the bank or stuffed in the mattress.

Whirlpool will make the perfect gift for your loved ones!

Boha Glass currently has 4 of his amazing Glass Paperweights in stock.

It is truly mystifying and the level of skill it takes to produce crystal glass paperweights of this quality is astronomical.

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Large Glass Paperweights Artist

Remigijus Kriukas is a legend of art glass and makes glass ornaments of such complexity that it beggars belief. Even when you are holding them in your hands and looking closely it is impossible to work out how he has made these fascinating objects.

Since graduating from the Institute of Art in 1985, Remi has been working with glass in all its various forms. He is a pioneer in the mix media art and combines glass with stone and wood and metal to great effect.

His artwork can be found in Art Museums in many European cities including Moscow, Budapest and Riga and he has exhibited his works all over the World.

What is most unusual is that he is better known outside of his country than within, which is odd considering his worldwide fan base.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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