Monochrome Glass ‘White Rings and Black Otty’ by Katherine Huskie


Retro-styled sculpture

L: 18cm x D: 18cm x H: 18cm
5 kg

Monochrome Glass ‘White Rings and Black Otty’ by Katherine Huskie

The white rings and black “Otty” monochrome glass sculpture stands at 16.5cm tall. From white to black and white again, the inspiration for Katherine’s collection is taken from textiles and geometric designs. Each Otty is handmade art glass and entirely unique, with many hours of work being taken to create each layer of dots or rings of the sculptures.

This monochrome Otty will take centre stage in any modern home, hours of time being lost as you stare inside in a bid to count the number of layers of dots or rings. Katherine works on her collection of Ottys when not working for other artists or on commissions, her love for glass and her expressions in monochrome are represented to perfection in this piece.

Monochrome Glass Artist

Katherine takes her inspiration for her glass sculptures from geometric patterns and textile designs, each layer of the Otty containing perfectly geometrical dots or rings. The grey and white Otty casts a different shadow depending on your line of view, the Otty coming to life when sat in the sunlight. Lose hours staring into the Otty, counting the dots of each layer, gazing into a pattern that is simplistic yet stunning and entirely unique.

Katherine Huskie is a Wiltshire-based glass blower, her experience dating back to 2006. Katherine graduated from the University of Sunderland in 2009 with a BA (Hons) degree in glass and ceramics, having previously completed a diploma in art and design at Trowbridge College in 2005. Katherine has perfected her glass art by attending master classes in both the UK and Australia.

Katherine became co-owner of Devereux and Huskie Glassworks with blower James in 2013. Previous to 2013, Katherine was James’s assistant, as well as assistant to other glass blowers both in the UK and Australia where she worked for amongst others Nick Mount, Ben Edols, and Kathy Elliot. Katherine also demonstrated at Glass Hub events, has been commissioned to make 600 pieces for Magdalene Odundo, and has exhibited her work at the Vessel Gallery London.

You can learn more about hand-blown art glass by clicking on the link.

Her current studio which she co-owns with James is a space where artists and designers can realise their glass ideas. Katherine’s inspiration comes from textile prints and geometric patterns and designs, and when she is not making for other designers she makes her own monochrome glass artwork.


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 cm


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