Unique Glass Ornament ‘Wrapped Form I’ by Julie Light


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Textured Glass Ornament

L: 25cm x D: 7cm x H: 22cm
4 kg

Unique Glass Ornament ‘Wrapped Form I’ by Julie Light

The textures and curves of this unique glass ornament are strong, yet delicate and capture the green hues perfectly. Julie Light’s unique glass ornament ‘Wrapped Form I’ will make a real statement in any room. The incredibly polished flat surface contrasts with the dramatically textured outer surface to wonderful effect.

Choose this one-off piece of glass art for your living room, hallway or dining room. An intriguing piece of glass artistry.

Unique Glass Ornament Artist

After a first career in broadcasting, Julie Light is an artist making primarily sculptural objects. Her work is often in glass, but also incorporates other materials such as metal and found objects.

Julie enjoys exploring tensions and contrasts: how the organic and the mechanistic coexist, how visible and translucent surfaces hide or reveal what is inside.

Glass is a perfect medium for this; forms can be viewed from inside as well as out with surfaces that reflect light, transmit it or stop it dead.

Form and texture are central to her work, and her sculptures tend to have a substantial presence regardless of size. She also enjoys making glass appear malleable and tactile despite its brittle fragility. Julie recently completed an MA in Art and Science at Central St Martins where she has developed her work on medical themes. Her work represents how people visualise health, disease and their bodies, often at a cellular level, and how this influences a sense of embodiment and identity.

Julie has shown her work across the UK. She is also Chair of Just Glass. This is a group of more than 50 glass artists who exhibit regularly together and run seminars on glass art and techniques.  As well as making her own work, she has experience in curation and exhibition and creative facilitation. For instance, Julie has collaborated with the Wellcome Collection and The Royal Society.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 7 × 22 cm


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