Upcycled Glass ‘Ostrich Egg’ Glass Art Sculpture by Juli Bolaños


Innovative glass art

L: 12cm x D: 12cm x H: 16cm
0.5 kg

Upcycled Glass ‘Ostrich Egg’ Glass Art Sculpture by Juli Bolaños

The baby ostrich egg upcycled glass art sculpture by Juli Bolaños is from the Ode to Intuición series which began in Edinburgh in 2013. The dimensions of the Ostrich Egg are approximately 16 x 12 x 12 cm, the materials for the piece being engraved ceramics and glass. Like all pieces from the collection, the Ostrich Egg is a non-functional vessel made from objects that Juli has found.

Juli uses her gift of expression through glass beautifully in all of her upcycled glass projects from the Ode to Intuición range, her ability to create artwork from discarded objects makes her collections stand out from the norm. Intuitive play and the ability to create objects that tell a story from other people’s discarded waste are what have brought Juli into the limelight within the world of Glass Artists. An emerging artist, Juli has tapped into a niche of recycled glass that before went undiscovered, bringing to life inanimate objects that before had seen the end of their days.

Upcycled Glass Artist

Juli Bolaños-Durman is an emerging designer of Latin American Origins, now based in Scotland. Originally from Costa Rica, Juli’s background before immersing in glass art included mixed-media and graphic design. Her glass artwork is truly unique, each of her upcycled glass creations being made from objects that she finds and goes on to transform. Each of her artefacts tells a story, her superb expression through glass art allowing her to become well-known amongst lovers and collectors of glass art.

Juli won the Eco Design Category at the Elle Decoration British Design Awards in 2015, and her work also gained her first prize in 2013 as a new designer. Other prizes awarded to Juli include a New Designer’s Contemporary Glass Society Associate Prize and the Scottish Glass Society Prize for Best Student in Edinburgh in 2013. Her work has been displayed in her native San José as well as in Miami, Scotland, Madrid, and London.

Juli gained her B.A Honours in Graphic Design in San José in 2006. She also studied Portuguese and in Venice in 2008 completed a photography and design course. She has given masterclasses in the U.S. and has been an artist in residence for more than one glass department in Edinburgh. Now based permanently in Scotland, Juli’s work offers something entirely new and refreshing to the world of Art Glass.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 cm


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