Blown Glass Perfume Bottles ‘Sea Shore – Amethyst Round’ by Thomas Petit




Blown Glass Perfume Bottles ‘Sea Shore – Amethyst Round’ by Thomas Petit

The “Sea Shore – Amethyst” is another superb addition to the blown glass perfume bottles range by Tomas Petit. Here we see the delicate swirls of seaside greens and blues punctuated with the striking ruby and orange shades.  The handblown teardrop stopper sits perfectly on top of the elegant neck of the bottle, continuing the gentle curves of this unique perfume bottle.

The range also includes Stormy Skies, Grey Skies, Flint, Samphire, Spring Tides and Waves.

They say good design starts with making something functional and then making it beautiful. That certainly applies to Thomas’ blown glass perfume bottles. Quite simply a work of art which will take pride of place on a dresser adding luxury and elegance.

Blown Glass Perfume Bottles Artist

Thomas Petit started out in the world of clay, before entering the field of glass art. At first unwilling to expand his knowledge, he then remembers a visit to a Dartington Crystal Factory to watch glassblowing as a child. This memory jolted his desire to broaden his horizons, and Thomas embarked on a glass blowing course in Cornwall. Financial difficulty meant he was able to accept a three-year apprenticeship, and Petit eventually took up a voluntary position at The Glasshouse in Covent Garden. After various jobs and time spent in New Zealand. Thomas settled in Derbyshire, on the edge of the Peak District.

Feeling the stress of working a full-time job in 2015, and juggling it with his glassmaking meant Thomas was to make an important decision. By 2016, Thomas was concentrating solely on his glassblowing. An inspiration for his works comes from both everyday objects and experiences as well as from art and his own photography. Many of his best works have actually been happy accidents, he confesses. One of his latest ranges that continues to evolve is the ‘Sea Shore’ blown glass perfume bottles, inspiration coming from his childhood trips to East Sussex. All his pieces in this range are ground by hand, and sheen is restored by buffing when necessary after sandblasting.

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