Genie Bottle Blue Murrini Perfume Bottles by Carl Radke


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Marrakesh Scent Bottle

L: 8cm x D: 8cm x H: 10cm
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Genie Bottle Blue Murrini Perfume Bottles by Carl Radke

Blue Murrini Genie Bottle is made with pure silver to produce the World famous Lustre Glass. This glass is made with a high proportion of silver and is not made commercially any more due to the cost of the raw materials. These Art Deco Perfume Bottles are made with a great deal of love and attention to create these iridescent marvels.

This particular glass genie bottle is reminiscent of Morocco, with the Minaret shaped stopper and the eclectic Kasbah of beautiful colours around the base. Perhaps the perfect gift for those well-travelled.

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Genie Bottle Artist

The name Carl Radke was first heard back in the 1970s during the glass-blowing renaissance period across the United States. The art of lustre glass blowing dates back to 1881, but its popularity diminished rapidly, the art form being practically unknown of by 1925. It was then in the 1960s that the art regained its popularity, with its rebirth across the universities of California.

Lustre glass blowing is unlike any other type of glass blowing due to the presence of silver in the raw material used. Due to the presence of silver, lustre art has never been commercialised, and it is totally unsuited to mass production due to the fact that each piece of glass blown needs to be carefully monitored in the furnace to ensure that its delicate make-up is not degenerated. To be a successful lustre glass blower, you need to be both an artist as well as a chemist, there being few artists like Radke who keep the art alive.

Radke’s work, like this Genie Bottle, is on display both in his studio at Harmony as well as in many other galleries that are open to the public. With 38 years of experience in lustre blowing, born-again Christian Radke finds peace and solitude in the art. Aided occasionally by his wife Stephanie who he met in 2000, he feels blessed and honoured to keep the delicate and unique art of lustre glass blowing alive.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 10 cm


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