Genie Bottles Gold Murrini Glass Perfume Bottles by Carl Radke


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Opulent Art Deco Perfume Bottles

L: 8cm x D: 8cm x H: 10cm
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Genie Bottles Gold Murrini Glass Perfume Bottles by Carl Radke

Gold Murrini Glass Perfume Genie Bottles are alive with a luxurious iridescence. The Lustre Glass, made with a great deal of pure silver, shimmers with fine reflective qualities that this Tiffany-inspired glass is so famous for.

Delicately painted and carefully watched over during the whole process, these lustre Art Deco perfume bottles are rarely made today, due to the expense of the silver that needs to be added to create the magical lustre.

Elegant gold Genie Bottles with glimpses of hot pink around the neck and stopper. A fine addition to any collection of glass perfume bottles or to add interest to your French Dresser.

For more glorious hand blown glass artwork follow the link.

Genie Bottles Artist

Carl Radke first came onto the art scene in the 1970s Renaissance period of lustre glass blowing in America. Although the art dates back to Tiffany in 1881, it lost popularity and was almost unheard of by 1925. In the 1960’s however, a rebirth of the art came around with students enjoying the delicate art in universities across California.

Lustre glass blowing can be separated from any commercial or other type of glass blowing due to the fact that silver is mixed into the raw glass. The art is therefore both expensive as well as delicate and is totally unsuited to large manufacturers. Due to the chemical properties of the raw ingredient, each piece of glass that is blown should be monitored carefully whilst in the furnace to ensure that its makeup does not degenerate through overexposure. In order to be successful at the art of lustre glass blowing one therefore needs to be both a great artist as well as a chemist, Radke being one of only a few artists to keep the tradition alive.

You can find pieces of Radke’s work on display in many different galleries, his love of the art still continuing after 38 years of lustre blowing. Married to Stephanie since 2002, Born Again Christian Radke allows the public to view his Genie Bottles and other glass art in his Carl Radke Glass studio. Happy to work in solitude, yet sometimes helped by his wife, Radke feels honoured and blessed to say that he is contributing to keeping the art of lustre glass alive.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 10 cm


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