Gold Perfume Bottle Art Deco ‘Cherry Blossom’ by Carl Radke

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Halcyon Days Lustre Art Glass

L: 8cm x D: 8cm x H: 10cm
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Gold Perfume Bottle Art Deco ‘Cherry Blossom’ by Carl Radke

Artistan Art Deco Gold Perfume Bottle ‘Cherry Blossom’ is part of the American Renaissance in Lustre Glass, first seen by Tiffany in the late nineteenth century. Those Vintage perfume bottles by Tiffany set the scene for these glamorous Art Deco masterpieces.

The iridescence of the perfume bottles gives the Art Deco Perfume Bottles a metallic sheen which gives wonderful reflective qualities to the items. This iridescence comes from a large amount of pure silver that is used to produce the lustre. So much, in fact, that Lustre glass is no longer commercially viable.

The lustre gives the allure of those halcyon days of the Roaring Twenties, these delicious Gold Perfume Bottle pieces are an homage to an exciting fabulous bygone era.

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Gold Perfume Bottle Artist

Carl Radke was a participant of the Renaissance period of Glass art in 1970s America. The Art Glass known as Lustre was first seen in 1881 by Tiffany, and the art lost popularity and was almost unknown by 1925; this was until its popularity rose again in the 1960’s with the rebirth of the art in different universities across California.

Lustre art is a unique method by which glass is blown, the glass containing silver. It has never become mass-produced; due to the expense of the raw material as well the fact that the time that the gold perfume bottle needs to be in a furnace has to be precisely monitored to ensure no discolouring or degeneration takes place. The art of Lustre glass blowing is delicate, and costly, and has always been limited to the most experienced artists with knowledge not just of art but the chemical make-up of glass. Carl Radke Glass Artist continues to work in the profession, being one of the few artists who keep this art form alive.

His collections are displayed in many different galleries and pieces are considered to be precious and collectible. He was first introduced to glass blowing in 1970, and he continues to produce stunning pieces 38 years on. Born again Christian and husband to Stephanie since 2002, his studio in Harmony has been open for public viewings for 20 years. Working normally in solitude, but sometimes aided by his wife, he has worked with many great designers over the years, keeping the art of Lustre glass blowing alive.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 10 cm

2 reviews for Gold Perfume Bottle Art Deco ‘Cherry Blossom’ by Carl Radke

  1. Philip

    My wife and I live in a house with two cherry trees in the front garden. We were looking for a golden wedding present for my wife’s sister and brother-in -law. The gold and cherry blossom in the perfume bottle matched our requirements; to remind them of us and to have gold in the design and to be an example of great workmanship.
    My sister-in law’s comments were as follows;- “the scent bottle is gorgeous, it now lives in our main display cabinet in pride of place”.

    Anna Kirsen of BohaGlass was of great help went we visited her (by appointment)to look at items of glass before we selected the perfume bottle.

  2. D Garth (verified owner)

    Delighted with this perfume bottle. It’s beautiful.

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