Pretty Perfume Bottles Blue ‘California Poppy’ Round Glass Perfume Bottles by Carl Radke


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Painted Perfume Bottle

L: 8cm x D: 8cm x H: 10cm
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Pretty Perfume Bottles Blue ‘California Poppy’ Round Glass Perfume Bottles by Carl Radke

Made with utmost care, using a large amount of pure silver these Blue California Poppy Round Glass Pretty Perfume Bottles are exceptionally decadent Art Deco Perfume Bottle examples.

Every one of these ‘Twenties-inspired glass perfume bottles has to be monitored closely as it is made, to ensure there is no discolouring of the lustre.

The beautiful Lustre glass is no longer made commercially due to the cost of the large amount of pure silver that goes into each and every one of these pretty perfume bottles.

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Pretty Perfume Bottles Artist

Carl Radke was a participant in the Renaissance period of glass art in America in the 1970s. First seen back in 1881 by Tiffany, Lustre glass art declined rapidly in popularity until it became nearly obsolete around 1925. A rebirth of the art was then noted in the 1960’s, the art being enjoyed in universities across California.

The unique art of lustre blowing is totally different from any other kind of glass art due to the presence of silver in the raw material. Due to this and also to the sheer expense, the art of lustre glass blowing has never become commercialised and it has never been carried out in factories; the glass needs to be put into the furnace for a very specific amount of time to ensure that its chemical makeup does not degenerate. To become a lustre glass blower required both artistic as well as chemical knowledge, Radke being one of a handful of artists who continues to carry on the art.

Collections by Radke are on display in many different galleries, his love of the art started back in 1970 and still going strong 38 years later. A born-again Christian who met his wife Stephanie in 2000 works alone from his studio in Harmony, where the public has been able to enjoy viewings of his pretty perfume bottles and other collections since 2002. Sometimes aided in his work by Stephanie, Radke feels blessed to carry on the tradition of this unique and precious art form.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 10 cm


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