Glass Platter ‘Wave’ by Nicholas Collins


Illusory Art Glass

L: 50cm x D: 50cm x H: 8cm

Glass Platter ‘Wave’ by Nicholas Collins

The Wave glass platter by Nicholas Collins is a stunning collectable, produced using black-on-black waves and cutting-edge technology. The platter is created by sheets of transparent black glass, the wave-patterned sheets then being fused together to create a magnificent platter with optical effect.

The Wave Glass Platter combines traditional glass-making techniques and cutting-edge manufacture, the end result being produced by fusing together the waves of glass in a ceramic kiln. The mesmerising platter creates a sense of movement and is certainly an object that will take centre stage in your home or office.

The black glass used to create the Wave platter creates a sense of darkness and mystery. A sense of the unknown, the intrinsic design moving before your eyes as you try to correctly perceive the waves and the energy they create. A masterpiece that combines traditional glass making with 3D art, this platter is the perfect gift for any lover of glass and modern CAD design.

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Glass Platter Artist

Nicholas Collins was born in 1973 in the former mining town of Whitehaven on the West Cumbrian Coast. Studying at the Cumbria College of Art and Design for a B Tec in Art and Design, Nicholas continued his studies right through until 2011. His collections and exhibitions date back to the year 2000, his work having been on display in both the UK as well as on several occasions in the USA.

From 2000 until 2003, Nicholas was a self-employed glass designer and maker. He ran his own Nicholas Collins Glass workshop, as well as exhibiting his work at trade shows in the UK and the USA. During 2005 and 2006, Nicholas also worked as a part-time lecturer at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.

Nicholas launched his current practice in Maryport, on the West Cumbrian Coast in 2014, once he had refined his craft and perfected the art form through many years of continued study. His products are predominantly glass vessels and platters, although recently he has started to experiment with kilnforming glass techniques for furniture design.

All of Nicholas’s glass platters are limited edition, his fascinations combining opaque and semi-translucent glass with cutting-edge technology and finishing tools. Many of his pieces follow a theme of optical illusion, his ethos being to continually push the boundaries of manufacture and traditional glass-making to produce more and more sophisticated pieces and designs.

Dimensions 50 × 50 × 8 cm


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