3D Glass Sculptures ‘Tilt Sage’ by Jade Pinnell


Substantial Glass


L: 17cm x D: 5cm x H: 26cm
3 kg

3D Glass Sculptures ‘Tilt Sage’ by Jade Pinnell

Pinnell’s robust, angular 3D glass sculptures combine the power and solidity of imposing form, with the fleetingly delicate colour inclusions. These inclusions bring a natural asymmetric feel to the monumental glass structure.

They will change from grey to purple depending on the light source.

A real statement piece that certainly makes its presence felt. Made using the lost wax cast glass technique with Bullseye glass.

Perfect for those looking for glasswork that will make its mark on your interior decor.

3D Glass Sculptures – Artist

Jade Pinnell Glass Artist specialising in cast glass, currently residing in Somerset.

While studying 3D Design, Jade began experimenting with cast glass made from recycled glass

After graduating in 2010 from Nottingham Trent University with a First Class BA (Hons) in Decorative Arts, Jade has worked with glass artists in many studios right across the world. She has learned master glassmaking skills from artists in Australia, New Zealand, as well as the UK.

Once she had graduated from University, Jade honed her skills at Glass School in Wiltshire where she also taught glassmaking.

After experimenting with several artistic mediums and materials, Jade was always drawn back to the glass medium. A material she found the most captivating of all.

The unique cast glass pieces that Jade has made have been exhibited widely around the UK.

Jade explores the glass in its essence; as a material capable of creating both reality and illusion. Her work is inspired by personal experiences, the beauty of architecture,  and geometric patterns. It embraces asymmetry and contrasting angular firms that meld together into forceful configurations. 

Pinnell’s work utilises the medium of glass to sculpt three-dimensional space into a palpable, tangible object, from the raw essence of crushed glass.

Jade Pinnell Glass Artist Statement

‘I use the cast glass technique to capture a fleeting moment of interaction between light and architecture. Angular forms are used to create the illusion of more depth, which accentuates the flow of colour inside the pieces. Colour is so important. I use carefully selected colour compositions as a way of creating atmosphere and communicating a sense of time. ‘

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 17 × 5 × 26 cm


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