Abstract Glass Art Sculptures ‘Cut Vortex Pod’ by Phil Vickery


Perfect Pod


L: 35cm x D: 12cm x H: 25cm

Abstract Glass Art Sculptures ‘Cut Vortex Pod’ by Phil Vickery

Phil Vickery’s abstract glass art sculptures represent nature, life, energy, and movement. This green and yellow ‘Cut Vortex Pod’ is a beguiling piece of free-blown glass.

Phil’s abstract glass sculptures are handmade by gathering the molten glass over and over again to make the internal twist completely encased inside the clear glass. This creates a visual metaphor of a maelstrom in water. The addition of Gold creates a shining veil, and the whole piece is flattened to form a flat oval shape. The ‘Vortex Pod’ is then cut and polished to reveal the internal structure.

Abstract Glass Art Sculptures Artist

Phil Vickery is an international award-winning British glass artist that is based in the North East of England. His glass art represents nature, energy, movement and various emotional states of the mind, or the subconscious. He developed a unique technique where an internal membrane of glass is twisted along the length of the piece in a fluid manner. The technique creates an effect in the structure that is reminiscent of a double helix; the very building block of life itself. From this, he developed sculptures to represent nature, life, energy, and movement. He emulates this idea in form and content.

Sometimes the form is driven sculpturally to make an abstract. He works with the fluidity of the glass in a molten state to manipulate it, mould it, and work with the gravitational force to create his signature spiral.

Artist’s Statement:
“As an artist, I find glass one of the greatest challenges; one has to understand not only about art theory and contemporary context but also the nature of this fluid material.”

Dimensions 35 × 12 × 25 cm


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