Amber Glass Sculpture ‘Amber Moon’ by Karen Ehart



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Amber Glass Sculpture ‘Amber Moon’ by Karen Ehart

We are delighted to present ‘Amber Moon’ by Karen Ehart. This fabulous amber glass sculpture features a shimmering kaleidoscope of colours streaming through the piece.

Karen Ehart’s amber moon is held on a black metal base with ‘arms’ encircling the piece, adding to the drama of the piece.  Place this free-standing amber glass sculpture in your hallway, living or dining areas to add beauty and intrigue to your home.

Available in two sizes:
Large:  approx 17.5 inches (45cm) diameter. The large stand bases are 5 x 12 inches. The glass and stand together measures 21x 18 ”
Small : approx 10.5 inches (approx 27cm) diameter. The small stand bases are 6 x 8.25 inches. The glass and stand together measure 13 x 11 inches

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NB Please allow at least 5-10 working days for delivery.

Amber Glass Sculpture Artist

Karen Ehart’s work involves several different processes depending on the shape of the final product. Some of Karen’s pieces are more three dimensional than others. She begins one of these pieces by making an original sculpture. She will create a shell-like mould over that sculpture which she will use to shape her glass on. The mould making process is an art form in itself and requires much trial and error.

She will then craft the design elements she will use. She cuts, fires, torches and smashes pieces of glass, using a variety of techniques to create the parts that will make up the composition.

Karen experiments with the glass pieces in various configurations until she finds the right look for her design.

The glass sculpture takes shape during the second firing. Gold details are then painted on and it is returned to the kiln, this time over the mould she has fabricated if it is a dimensional piece. Some pieces even require additional firings.

A regimen of heating and cooling very slowly must be followed for all firings – a process is known as annealing taking place over a period of several days.

Karen’s amber glass sculpture is the result of many hours of patient experimentation. Each piece is a highly collectable original.

Karen Ehart’s art glass pieces are found in collections around the world. Her craftsmanship is ever-evolving as she continues to experiment with the endless possibilities for expression that glasswork offers. 

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