Beautiful Art Glass Sculptures ‘Imagine X’ by Laura McKinley



L: 29cm x D: 24cm x H: 18cm

Beautiful Art Glass Sculptures ‘Imagine X’ by Laura McKinley

Laura McKinley’s beautiful art glass sculptures are great examples of amazing glass blowing skill. ‘Imagine X’ is made up of 4 made pieces. Each free-blown and hot sculpted glass piece was shaped and, when cold, cut and polished to perfection.

The ‘Imagine’ series has an ethereal quality, the purity of white contrasting with a one-off piece in a splash of colour.  ‘Imagine X’ features a large bowl-shaped piece with a circular gold band positioned precisely on top.  The gold lustre ‘lifts’ the piece and creates even more impact.

Beautiful Art Glass Sculptures Artist

Laura Mckinley’s fascination for glass as a creative medium arises by the way it influences her initial thoughts and ideas. The spontaneity of the hot glass demands instant visual judgements that lead to shifts in design. The glass making process enables Laura to make her explorations of volume, scale and the interplay of form and colour into a physical art form.

The Italian technique of Incalmo is a key element of Laura’s inspiration. Incalmo is the process where two separately blown hot glass bubbles are joined together to form one piece. Once cold, the incalmo glass art is cut to expose voids into the piece.  These voids allow the viewer to see both the internal and exterior spaces. The varying thickness of glass and polished angled surfaces create ever-changing effects of light and shadow. Laura exploits these characteristics to create an environment of illusion. Her beautiful glass art sculptures are great examples of this.

Serendipity and the unexpected often point the way to the next starting point for making. Therefore, Laura’s work is an invitation to engage with the tranquil beauty of the incidental.

 “I am intrigued by the contrast between the fragile, serious nature of glass and the playfulness of the form. I aim to create something that looks as though it should be touched and toyed with, yet leads the viewer to question this, because of the fragility of the material”.

Laura studied glass at Buckinghamshire University. After graduating with a BA in 2008, she was awarded a scholarship to study at the world-famous Pilchuck glass school, USA. She has recently completed her MA in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art.

Dimensions 29 × 24 × 18 cm


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