Beautiful Glass Art Sculpture ‘Light Vortex’ by Tim Rawlinson


360 Degree Beauty

Lead Time: 2 – 3 Months

L: 12cm x D: 30cm x H: 30cm
8 kg

Beautiful Glass Art Sculpture ‘Light Vortex’ by Tim Rawlinson

A deliriously beautiful glass art sculpture, entitled ‘Light Vortex’ from the fearsomely talented Tim Rawlinson.

Forged from free-blown glass, meticulously combining perfectly balanced hand-blown glass pieces in the furnace.

These pieces then coalesce to form the main sphere, which is then artfully cut and subsequently requires weeks of polishing to get the desired finish.

A very involved piece of artwork, that is incredibly giving as a centrepiece. Offering up a dazzling 360-degree display of colour and reflection. Perfect for the main focal point of your home, penthouse, office or yacht.


You can see more of Tim Rawlinson’s Amazing Artwork by clicking on this link.

Beautiful Glass Art Sculpture Artist

Tim Rawlinson was born in Bristol and studied Ceramics and Glass at Bucks New University. Since graduating in 2011, Tim quickly made a name for himself. In that year, Tim exhibited his degree work at New Designers in London where he met Peter Layton, of London Glassblowing fame.

Tim quickly became a member of the team, and he remains a resident artist.

Tim’s work has been featured in many prestigious exhibitions and achieved great acclaim. Most importantly, Europe’s most prestigious exhibition, ‘The Coburg Glass Prize’ in Germany in 2014 and the International Glass Prize at the GlazenHuis in Belgium in 2015 included Tim’s work.

Tim is fascinated by the refractive and reflective qualities of glass and exploits transparency in his glass art. Tim’s incredible designs feature cut and polished sculptural pieces that focus on the interaction between light and glass. His pieces create dazzling optical effects, by distorting both colour and form to transform and enhance their surroundings.

Tim’s beautiful sculptures are objects of wonder and contemplation. They are an artistic reaction to a society that moves at an alarmingly rapid pace and demands instant solutions. Tim’s pieces aim to enrich our intellectual and spiritual need to slow down and experience what is going on within.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 12 × 30 × 30 cm


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