Black Glass Sculpture ‘Diaphaneity IV’ by Tracy Nicholls


Ultramodern Art

L: 50cm x D: 5cm x H: 24cm
3 kg

Black Glass Sculpture ‘Diaphaneity IV’ by Tracy Nicholls

The ethereal beauty of this black glass sculpture is hard to fathom. A feathered complex of glass strands; woven together to create this contemporary piece of glass art.

‘Diaphaneity IV’ from the steadfast hands of Tracy Nicholls is comprised of two mirror-image opaque black glass panels sitting astride an imposing solid granite base.

The sculpture can be commissioned in any colour. Please contact us via the Contact Form to discuss your exact requirements.

Sheet glass, carefully hand cut and put through multiple firings creates delicate fluctuations in the glass surface. These graceful undulations, when enhanced with backlighting, deliver wondrous reflective qualities that make the light dance around the room through the nest of woven glass strands. These create shadows on opposing walls and surfaces and bring an added level of interest to the space in which the sculpture is displayed.

Superb, ultramodern glass artistry that will work well in a home, office or boutique penthouse hotel suite.

Black Glass Sculpture Artist

British Glass artist Tracy Nicholls discovered glass during evening classes she attended in 2003.  Perusing her interest in glass, Tracy went on to complete an MA in Contemporary Craft- Glass, at UCA Farnham.  Graduating with Distinction in 2009.

Tracy has set up her studio in Kingston, Surrey.  Tracy works predominantly with opaque glass to create her signature pieces.  Intrigued by the nature of erosion, Tracy studies the disintegration of solid forms over time.  Observing the transition of the ever more delicate and fragile form.  Subsequently transforming into an absorbing, lace-like structure.  Simplicity is the key to her work and favours the monochrome colour palette, using light, shape and form to capture the eye.

In 2008 Tracy won, ‘Best in Show at the British Glass Biennale.  In 2014 her work was included in Europe’s prestigious Coburg Glass Prize in Germany.   Tracy’s Sculptures are present in many exhibitions throughout Europe and the UK.  Her work can be found in both private and public collections, including the National Museum of Scotland and the Marinha Grande Museum of Glass in Portugal.


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 5 × 24 cm



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