Fused Glass Art Sculpture ‘Beauty is in the Edge’ by Rebecca Mansbridge


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Beauty is in the Edge


L: 25cm x D: 11cm x H: 11cm
2.5 kg

Fused Glass Art Sculpture ‘Beauty is in the Edge’ by Rebecca Mansbridge

Fused glass art sculpture ‘Beauty is in the Edge’ is full of visual interest, with light playing on the contours of the glass. Made with a coloured multitude of individual pieces that have been carefully fused together so that each piece just ‘tacks’ to the other.
Some pieces have delicately arched slightly, ensuring that this piece is truly unique, never to be replicated.

Bring this stunning fused glass art sculpture into your home and you are guaranteed to add appeal and mystique. This one-off masterpiece is not to be missed!

Fused Glass Art Sculpture Artist

Rebecca J Mansbridge is a talented and passionate British fused glass artist.  Her creativity has taken many forms over the past 30 years, encompassing textile media, glass painting, photography and desktop publishing. In 2004, she joined a local workshop group that taught the skills for copper foil work and fusing glass. Rebecca has been exploring the beauty of this material ever since. She simply loves the colours of glass and the way light transforms it.

Rebecca’s delicate and often atmospheric fused glass waves and pictures capture the magical beauty and tranquillity of the natural world. In contrast, she has recently started exploring high-end glass. These pieces are more abstract and tactile. Many play with the way light shining through glass transforms. All her work is colourful and intricate and is created using several layers of glass, playing with visual depth.

Rebecca creates multi-dimensional pictures and free-standing fused glass artworks. Each piece begins through observation and study of her subject matter. She then works out the technical process required to achieve her end goal. The entire process takes many days and can involve up to four layers of glass and countless intricate details before the firing process begins.

The beauty of nature, tranquillity of trees and animals inspire Rebecca. Every single piece of art is handmade, and no two are the same.  Rebecca’s decorative glass art is delicate and enchanting and we are pleased to showcase her work.

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 11 × 11 cm


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