Glass and Metal Sculpture ‘Bench in the Shade’ by Jenny Ayrton


Sculptural Serenity

Dimensions (L x W x H): 30 x 5 x 24 cmWeight: 6 kgs


Glass and Metal Sculpture ‘Bench in the Shade’ by Jenny Ayrton

The Bench in the Shade Glass and Metal Sculpture is one of Jenny’s most prided of works. It has been on display at the last Glass Biennale exhibition, and stands an impressive 24cm tall. A breathtakingly serene piece of art, the sandcast glass and wire sculpture takes you to a place where you will feel at one with yourself.

Beneath a shady tree you will find a bench. All around, only beautiful countryside and a tiny farmhouse. Sit, enjoy the scenery, and loose yourself in an idyllic setting many can only dream of. Whether you live in the city and long for fresh open space, or you love to daydream, creating and conserving memories as you go, this art glass piece is the perfect purchase.

There is no better place on a hot summer’s day than in the shade, surrounded only by nature. Sit back and listen to the birds above, or admire the flora and fauna around and the microscopic species that live at one with us down on the ground. For daydreamers, or for lovers of fine art glass, the bench in the shade sculpture will ensure you stay cool on even the hottest of summer days.

Glass and Metal Sculpture Artist

Jenny Ayrton takes her inspiration for her molten glass sculptures from everyday life. She uses her extraordinary imagination to capture her thoughts and experiences in miniature wonderlands of molten glass.

Jenny’s molten glass and metal sculptures are made from solid sand-cast glass with metal inclusions. Simple, everyday situations become molten glass masterpieces. Representations of everyday life with mind-blowing numbers of interpretations.

Jenny’s artistic flair takes its inspiration from her own day to day experiences living in Devon. No day out or short trip is complete for Jenny without capturing a “moment”. Each moment she then takes back to her studio with her, ready to turn it into a molten glass and wire masterpiece.

Jenny graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2012. In 2014 she was selected for the prestigious Hothouse 4 programme by the Crafts Council. She has won awards at London shows as well as being featured on the cover of Craft& Design magazine.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 30 x 5 x 24 cm


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