Hand Made Glass ‘Fuchsia Auger’ By Emma Goring


Pink Delight

L: 17cm x D: 3.5cm x H: 31cm
0.701 kg

Hand Made Glass ‘Fuchsia Auger’ by Emma Goring

Emma Goring’s hand made glass, ‘Fuchsia Auger’ is part of her Chambers collection.  A beautiful piece, created by the hot working of clear and pink glass.  Resultant chambers replicate that found in Auger shells.  A highly polished flat side presents a window to the fascinating, designs inside.  Sweeping tones of pink run through the glass enhancing its internal depth.

NB: Each piece of hand made glass is completely unique, much like seashells themselves; they are handmade, and it is
impossible to replicate the shape or individual chambers within the shell each time.

Hand Made Glass Artist

Emma Goring, a maker and designer of Hot Glass resides in Bingham, near Nottingham. It was in 2015, while studying BA (Hons) Glass and Ceramics at the University of Sunderland her curiosity in glass was sparked. During the first semester, an introduction to hot glass sealed Emma’s fate.

After graduating with first-class honours, Emma looked to widen her knowledge and increase her skill set. This has led to a number of internships and experiences. Emma worked at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland as a glassmaker for two years. She currently assists Lucinda Robertson in hiring artists at the National Glass Centre.

Emma spent four months as a Technical Intern with Hot Glass, at North Lands Creative in Lybster, Scotland. This experience taught Emma the systems and procedures needed to run a studio. It also empowered Emma to build her own mini furnace. Emma then went on to fulfil a ten-week internship with Tobias Møhl and Trine Drivsholm in Denmark.

These invaluable experiences have empowered Emma to work with hot glass, following through her personal interest in organic forms. Emma looks at the similarities between organic matter and the physical properties of glass on a microscopic scale and looks to explore and replicate that form through the medium of hot glass.

Artist Statement

Having been working in glass for 8 years I have cultivated a diverse array of interests within the realm of artistic expression, with a particular affinity for the captivating and distinctive qualities of hot glass.

Glass is an incredibly versatile material, being molten and malleable one minute and solid crystal the next. In my creative journey, I proudly consider myself both a maker and a designer.

As a maker, I revel in the tangible and hands-on experience of crafting with hot glass. The intricate play of heat, form, and colour, as I shape molten glass into a myriad of artistic forms, is a source of immense gratification. The medium’s ability to transform and solidify under my careful guidance is a constant source of wonder and inspiration.

Simultaneously, I embrace the role of a designer with an eye for aesthetics and functionality. I view hot glass as a versatile canvas on which I paint both form and purpose. Each creation is a fusion of artistic vision and practicality, seeking to not only captivate the eye but also enrich the lives of those who encounter my work.

I have had the privilege of acquiring a versatile skill set and a wealth of knowledge through my international experiences in various studios. My most recent role was as a Junior Gaffer at Soneva Art and Glass in the breathtaking Maldives. Prior to that, I served as the Glass Studio Manager at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft in Denmark. Preceding these remarkable opportunities, I contributed my expertise while working with accomplished professionals such as Tobias Møhl and Trine Drivsholm, as well as with the esteemed team at Backhaus Brown.

Weight 0.701 kg
Dimensions 17 × 3.5 × 31 cm


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