Handblown Glass Art Sculptures ‘Midnight’ by Charlotte Wilkinson


Mysterious Night


L: 11cm x D: 11cm x H: 11cm
1.5 kg

Handblown Glass Art Sculptures ‘Midnight’ by Charlotte Wilkinson

Charlotte’s handblown glass art sculptures are visually arresting and incredibly tactile, and ‘Midnight’ is no exception. A rich inky- blue centre is encased in clear glass. The facet drawing your gaze further inside this magnificent piece of glass art.

Charlotte is drawn to vivid colour and pattern, often layering and blending colours to create depth in her glass art sculptures.  She exploits the optical qualities of the glass material. These are further enhanced by decorative cold working techniques. Finally, each piece is finished with a high shine polish to create a dazzling effect!

Choose this modern glass art and elevate your interiors.

Handblown Glass Art Sculptures Artist

Charlotte Wilkinson graduated from the Design Crafts course at De Montfort University in 2014, going on to become an Honorary Artist in Residence the following year. She later returned in 2017, to begin her PhD research into the application of Holograms onto handmade glass objects, which she is due to complete in 2023.

Specialising in blown and lampworked glass creates striking sculptures that work in perfect harmony with each other. She is fascinated by the fast-paced, exhilarating process of turning molten glass into unique sculptures. The final form is dictated by natural forces acting on the hot glass.

Charlotte’s work is inspired by medical imaging. An MRI scan of her dad’s brain grabbed her imagination and form the basis of her work.

“I am drawn to these captivating images as they reveal insights into the human body that would otherwise be unseen; the precision of our structures and the patterns of our cells and organs is beyond fascinating to me,” says Charlotte.

These images are then translated into physical movements to use in the hot shop. It is this process that led to the development of Charlotte’s signature patterning style. Her work echoes the undulating forms typical of viewing MRI scans in succession.

We are delighted to welcome Charlotte’s science-inspired handblown glass art sculptures to our gallery.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 cm


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